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Since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, many celebrities, social activists and visual artists have joined the coalition to support Ukraine through cryptocurrencies and NFT artwork. And the trend hasn’t stopped. Now, a group of top artists has taken their support and dedication to a whole new level with lasting impact – the Avatar NFT series. Absolutely stunning visuals, breathtaking images of pain, breathless similarity to reality, and ongoing brutality, along with immortal resilience, truly set these artworks apart and in the contemporary NFT art world. won a place in.

Ukraine Avatar + MetaHistory

A group of top video game industry professionals, acclaimed for their game hits rainbow six, Warframe, stalkerand a billion downloads asphalt Franchise, with the most talented Ukrainian digital artists created a charitable NFT collection to help Ukraine.The series will be released on May 19, 2022 meta-historyUkraine’s official charity NFT platform, has raised 260 Ethereum / Ukraine $722,000.their initiative got Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukrainea Ukrainian government agency known for its pro-crypto stance, has raised over $60 million in crypto donations for Ukraine.

Charity NFT collectible named Avatar of Ukraine. The title refers to the original meaning of the word “incarnation”, translated from Sanskrit as “incarnation”. The stunning artwork captures the embodiment of all that Free Ukraine stands for: its soul, spirit, intelligence and love. The series is uniquely different from other avatars, not only in name. The artworks emerged during the 2-month war and were created by 50 of the most talented and acclaimed Ukrainian digital artists from the gaming and film industries. Volodymyr Bondar, Europe’s best sci-fi illustrator, winner of the prestigious EuroCon award, contributed an exclusive artwork. Voladimir himself can be seen as a spiritual incarnation: he risked his life to evacuate dozens of people from battered Kharkov.The series’ curator, lead artist and art director behind a billion downloads asphalt Game franchise, both have the same name, Kateryna. One Katarina and her cat sheltered from airstrikes in the subway for days, another found shelter in Romania.

Many NFT collectibles are only interested in the monetary aspect of it, and the speculative mentality of buyers and sellers fuels the controversy in the market. For the thinkers behind the Avatars series, the purpose is noble. Alexey Savchenko (UK), former Epic Business Development Manager and former GSC PR Manager, Said: “We think that if we’re going to do NFTs to help Ukraine, we should do it the way we build the game world, with high production value and the best talent around us. Epic Games, very likely to be the first to build’ The real Metaverse’ company, raised $150 million for Ukraine”.Dmitry Tarabanov (Canada), game designer acclaimed for game success rainbow six and Warframe”: “Both the gaming and film industries allow you to experience universes worth millions of productions for a few dollars, which is somewhat contrary to NFT culture. The amazing works of art created by these artists are free for all to experience. However, if there is a piece of historic art, like a sketch of the first AT-AT Pacer, star wars, its original version is priceless. The artworks in the collection are equally historic. Regardless of the price, all the money went to Ukraine.”

The MetaHistory NFT platform helps teams by shaping NFT technology to their high standards. MetaHistory has a successful track record as a charitable NFT platform officially approved by Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, which has raised millions of dollars in cryptocurrency for Ukraine and earlier partnered with Elon Musk to deliver Starlink to Ukraine. The level of cooperation between the crypto industry, electronic entertainment, and official institutions makes this NFT collection unprecedented, and the circumstances behind it. “We hope no more art will be created during the biggest war since World War II. We hope there will be no legendary artists painting while their cities are being bombarded. We hope there will be no more than 70 items in this collection because of this war A piece of art is added every day. Still, these NFTs are here and now to fulfill their mission, which is the noblest cause of this technology imaginable: helping good deeds, investing in the future we believe in, and adopting The right historical direction,” their joint statement said.


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