Top games of December 2021 to earn NFT games

As we approach the end of 2021, Play-to-earn NFT games are becoming more and more popular, and there is no sign of slowing down. This month, several exciting new games are about to become mainstream.

this Atari Chain In the past few weeks and months, the team has been closely monitoring the development of the market. Several elements can be seen from this:

  • The parallel trend of blockchain games and meta-universe is the future.Have a Market of 3.24 billion gamers and growing to attract. The inherent Play-To-Earn element in blockchain games is on the cusp of creating a new economy.
  • Institutions (such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft) have invested heavily in Metaverse. At the same time, there is a bull market in crypto games and Yuan Festival tokens.
  • Atari Chain is in a very early stage. Successful video games take years to develop, and experienced game studios know how to bring their products to the market, which has a huge advantage over novices.
  • Most of the hype will be temporary, and many projects will not be able to gain a foothold. Hundreds of blockchain games and new crypto projects are launched every day, many of which are launched by inexperienced game developers.

What is more popular?

A generationn review Dapp radar Take a look at the top blockchain games currently on the market. Here are some earning games that our gamers and NFT enthusiasts can follow:

  1. A place of division – Notorious for being suspended by Twitter earlier this year. It is built on the Hive and WAX blockchains. As of this writing, it has 581,000 weekly active users and currently ranks first in the category.
  2. Different world– It is popular with its in-game NFT, it is built on the WAX ​​blockchain and Binance Smart Chain, and as of this writing, it has 547,000 active users every week.
  3. Axis unlimited – This famous game is the first blockchain game to gain global attention due to the skyrocketing price of $AXS tokens. However, it has fallen to the third most popular game by number of users. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and as of this writing, there are 370,000 active users every week.
  4. Crypto mine – Popular for its volatile in-game cryptocurrency token, ETERNAL, which is built on the Binance smart chain and has 260,000 active users every week as of this writing.
  5. Atari Games——

As can be seen from the above picture, Atari Chain’s cryptocurrency tokens are the best among similar products. Under the radar, the total market value of NFT game projects is still less than US$150 million. The unique advantage of Atari Chain is that it has a brand with decades of experience in the gaming industry.

Atari Chain is a top game developer that has been involved for a long time. There are also some very exciting short-term developments coming soon.

Enter the metaworld

Atari is building a meta-universe with unlimited space and unlimited future potential on the Atari chain.

Atari plans to have its own Atari casino and NFT series. Each user has a player character to enter and explore the meta-universe. The games that will be launched at launch include blackjack, poker, slot machines, roulette, etc.

Metaverse will be created by $ ATRI Utility token, which is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum.Users will be able to seamlessly connect to the blockchain in the following ways Atari Chain digital wallet This was set when they first registered.

There will also be a set of unique digital cards that will be NFTs that users can play.

Connect with Atari Chain through social media and the Internet to make sure you don’t miss a beat!

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