Top 5 ways to copy text from any app, website or image on Android

Copy-paste functionality on Android smartphones is as important as the human heart. However, some apps and websites prevent their viewers from copying any text. Well, don’t worry, we’ve thoroughly researched and come up with 5 effective solutions to copy text from any app, website or image on your Android device.At the same time, you can also learn how to Translate text on Android No need to copy and paste.

How to copy text from any app, website or image on Android

Copy text from an app, website, or image using the Google Lens app

The fastest way to copy text from any app, website or image is to use google lens application and copy it directly to the clipboard. Here’s how to achieve the same.

1. Open the application, image, or website page whose text you want to copy.

2. Next, take a screenshot.If your app doesn’t allow you to take screenshots, you can learn by following these steps quick guide.

3. Now, open the Google Lens app by tapping camera icon in your Google search widget.

4. Select the in-app screenshot you took earlier and press text button Let the Lens app recognize all text currently on the screen.

5. Select the desired text on the screen by dragging the blue Copy text button Copy the selected text to your Android device clipboard at the bottom.

6. Alternatively, you can copy the entire text on the screenshot by clicking select all button and press Copy button at the bottom.

7. You can now paste and use the copied text anywhere it is convenient for you.

Using the Universal Copy app on Android

This Universal copy app is another popular Android application that makes it easy to copy text from any screen on your device. Besides English, you can use this app to copy text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and even Latin. Here’s how you can install this app and use it to your advantage.

1. Go to the Google Play Store and search Universal copy application Install it.

2. Click activate button Open accessibility settings for installed apps.

3. Next, open the application, website, or image whose text you want to copy.

4. Access the Universal Copy app from the app alert in the notification panel and tap Scanner Mode Scan your current screen.

5. After the scan is successful, tap the scanned text to select it, then press Copy button Copy it to your device’s clipboard at the bottom.

Viola! You have successfully copied the desired text. You can now paste and use it anywhere you like.

Try the “Copy Text on Screen” app to copy text from anywhere

Another popular alternative in the field is to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan and copy text anywhereCopy text on screen‘ application. As the name suggests, the app claims to be able to scan and copy text from anywhere, and translate it into your preferred language using an in-app feature. Here’s how to install and copy the desired text using this app.

1. Open the Google Play Store and search for “Copy text on screen‘ application to install it.

2. Click enable button at the top and give the app the permissions it needs to run.

3. After providing the necessary app permissions, you can now view floating app icons on your device.

4. Now, go to the application or website from which you intend to get the desired floating app icons Let the application scan the page using its OCR technology.

5. Alternatively, tap the text you want, and then press copy icon Copy it to the device’s clipboard.

That’s it. You can now paste and use copied text from the device clipboard.

Copy text inside an image

If you have an existing image from which you want to extract and copy text, there is a working Android app that does it. you can use it ‘Copy text over image‘ App on the Google Play Store to easily scan and copy text from images.

1. Installation ‘Copy text over image’ Apps from the Google Play Store on Android devices.

2. Next, open the app and tap select image button Select the image you want from your device.

3. Adjust the scan window to include the text present in the image, then click Crop button Process in the upper right corner.

4. Wait a few seconds for the app to scan and display all the text extracted from the image.

5. To copy the selected text to the device’s clipboard, tap copy text button.

That’s it. You have successfully copied text from an existing image to your device’s clipboard using this app. You can now paste it anywhere for your convenience.

Convert images to text with online tools

In addition to the Android app, you can use the effective online tool OCR2EDIT to extract text from any image on your device. Here’s how to achieve the same.

1. Open a new tab in your web browser and visit OCR2EDIT website.

2. Next, click Select the file button to select an existing image to extract text from.

3. Select the language you want to convert under OCR Settings and click start button Process your uploaded images.

4. Wait a few seconds for the website to convert the image to a text download button Download the processed file to your system.

Viola! You have successfully converted and extracted text from an image file using your device.

Bonus tip: Copy and paste text from Android to PC and vice versa

Now that you’ve learned to successfully copy text from any app, website, or image, you must be familiar with cross-device copy-paste techniques. This helps you easily copy and paste text from Android to PC and vice versa.

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Here’s a wrapper: copy text like a pro

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