Top 5 Useful Lock Screen Apps for Android

In addition to being affordable, Android offers users extensive customizability, including Change the lock screen. So you can configure different lock screen apps on your device to suit multiple needs, thus increasing your productivity. Having said that, let’s take a closer look at the top five useful lock screen apps for Android.At the same time, you can also learn Hide sensitive notification content from android lock screen.

Useful Lock Screen Apps for Android

there are many free android app On the Google Play Store, it helps you to use the lock screen feature for a variety of different purposes, such as locking the screen while playing a video, locking sensitive apps with a dedicated lock screen, enabling fake call lock screen, and list continuation. Having said that, let’s take a look at five such useful lock screen apps for Android devices:

Lock screen while playing YouTube video

who needs one YouTube Premium Membership When can I black out my entire phone screen while any YouTube video is playing in the background? The Black Me app does exactly what its name says by enabling a black lock screen on any YouTube video playing in the background. Here’s how you can use this app to your advantage:

1. Install hack me app From the Google Play Store.

2. Next, provide the necessary app access and enable floating button options.

3. tap start the service button to activate the Black Me app on your Android device. You can now view the floating icon on the screen to quickly enable or disable it.

4. Open the video you want and click floating button Open the black lock screen. You can now notice that your phone’s screen goes black while the video of your choice is playing in the background.

5. To disable this black lock screen, you can tap anywhere on your phone’s screen to regain access to your device.

Enable fake lock screen to get rid of spy eyes

Don’t we all hate someone trying to access our phone when we’re not around? All you need is a fake lock screen app if you’re peeping around. Using this app, you can enable a fake lock screen on your device to prevent other users from accessing your phone when it is unlocked. Here’s how to use this app:

1. Install Magic Fake Screen Lock App on your Android phone from the Google Play Store.

2. Next, open the app to activate your phone’s fake full-size lock screen. Anyone interacting with it will confuse it with the real device lock screen.

3. when the other party tries to click gear iconit will be rejected as an incorrect password.

4. or if you press Increase the volume While using the app, you can unlock the screen by entering any numeric password.

You can use this app to trick your friends or solve any unfavorable situation where your friends know the passcode to unlock your Android device.

Lock the Phone app with Norton App Locker

In addition to locking your entire device, you can use Norton App Locker on your Android phone to lock specific apps to prevent anyone from accessing your sensitive data. This adds a layer of security to prevent anyone from accessing locked apps. They will see an additional lock screen to verify their identity. Follow these simple steps to install and use this app as an added security measure.

1. Install Norton App Lock Open the app from the Google Play Store to provide the necessary app access.

2. Next, click Settings button Enable the “Use Access” permission.

3. On the next page, set the unlock mode for locked apps.

4. click Select the Google Account button Set up a recovery account in case you forget the configured unlock pattern/password.

5. Next, click lock key Use Norton App Lock to lock it next to the apps you want.

That’s it! You will now see a separate lock screen for verifying and unlocking apps secured with Norton App Lock.

Activate fake phone screen to avoid adverse situations

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a call alert to help you dodge or avoid someone? Well, fake phone screen app is just what you need. Using this app you can simulate and schedule fake calls to get rid of any adverse situation. Follow these simple steps to use this app to your advantage:

1. Install fake phone app From the Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Open the app and set a fake caller name and caller number.

3. click call now The button instantly simulates an incoming call with the fake details you entered.

4. You can also press plan button and select an available time preset.

Enable touchscreen lock to avoid accidental touches

Touch Screen Lock is another useful Android screen lock app that helps avoid accidental touches by locking the entire phone screen to prevent touch input. This is very helpful for watching videos on the phone without any external interruption. Here’s how to install this app and get the most out of it:

1. Go to the Google Play Store and search touch lock Install it.

2. Open the app and set your desired lock screen pattern to unlock the phone for touch input.

3. On the next page, provide the necessary app access and enable touch lock Serves various applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

4. Now open the video you want on YouTube or any other video streaming application and brush down Notification panel to launch the Touch Lock app.

5. Your device screen will instantly lock to touch input, and you can easily watch your favorite videos without worrying about accidental touches.

6. To unlock the screen, double-tap lock icon and draw the screen lock pattern you set earlier.

7. You can also set this app to be enabled automatically by adjusting its startup toggle in the app settings.

Useful Lock Screen Apps for Android

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wrap up

So, here are the top five useful Android lock screen apps you should know and use. If you’ve learned something new and useful, hit the “Like” button and share it with your friends to let them know about these beautiful lock screen Android apps. Stay tuned for more up-to-date tips and tricks.

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