Top 10 encrypted Discord servers joined by DailyCoin

Top 10 encrypted Discord servers to join

Facts have proved that accessible and timely information is one of the most popular assets in the encryption industry. Social media has always been a boon for traders and crypto enthusiasts, creating interactive platforms and keeping up with news and market trends.

Although Discord may not be as popular as Twitter (NYSE:) or YouTube, it has additional features and has proven to be attractive to crypto enthusiasts. Discord server can have sub-channels, users can establish contact, interact, understand and discuss certain topics in these sub-channels. Here are the top 10 servers from which encryption enthusiasts can get information.

1. The AXION crypto community Axion is a fast-growing discord channel that believes its members are more like a family than a customer. The group is particularly popular for providing high-quality trading signals and entry and exit points for specific transactions. There are also guidelines on how to execute transactions and investments.

Join the AXION crypto community on Discord

2. Cryptohub This is one of the best Discord servers, suitable for beginners who want to gain a foothold in the encryption industry. Cryptohub specializes in guiding beginners in the right direction. The group also helps guide members to other useful crypto communities and trusted exchanges.

Join Cryptohub on Discord

3. Elite Crypto Signals was founded in early 2018. Elite Crypto Signals has become one of the most recognized crypto trading communities today. The main purpose of this Discord channel is to help users make money and provide trading signals based on technical analysis. In addition, they also analyze the market to determine good entry and exit points.

Join Elite Crypto Signals on Discord

4. r/CryptoCurrency first started on Reddit, r/CryptoCurrency also achieved the same success on Discord. As one of the largest crypto communities on the platform, all crypto has sub-channels available; trading, DeFi, NFT, income agriculture, altcoins, mining and whale trading are all covered here.

Join r/CryptoCurrency on Discord

5. Larva Labs Larva Labs is the first dedicated non-fungible token (NFT) server on Discord. Since its launch in 2017 under the name of CryptoPunks, Larva Labs has become the place of choice for people who want to learn about the latest trends in NFT.

Join Larva Labs on Discord

6. Cracking Crypto Anyone who wants to understand how cryptocurrency works will be interested in Cracking Crypto. There are several sub-channels dedicated to explaining different aspects of cryptocurrency and underlying blockchain technology. The organization also has several channels dedicated to encrypting signals.

Join Cracking Crypto on Discord

7. Spacestation Although it originally started as an Ethereum-based community where ETH miners will meet to discuss solutions to their problems, almost every aspect of encryption is now discussed on Spacestation. Sub-channels have been created for miners, developers, famous crypto figures and other cryptocurrency topics.

Join Spacestation on Discord

8. r/Wallstreetbets In early 2021, GameStop (NYSE:) and its investors became famous for blocking Wall Street investors, all thanks to this group. Wallstreetbets is now the largest encryption-related server on Discord, with more than 570,000 members.

There are many sub-channels dedicated to discussing cryptocurrency trends, markets, and how to pull retail funds and crash hedge fund short sellers.

Join r/Wallstreetbets on Discord

9. MEGA Pump-a cryptocurrency investment group. This is by far one of the largest cryptocurrency-focused servers on Discord, dedicated to pumping signals, with more than 82,000 members. Mega Pump is popular for its daily “pump signal” channel, which aims to enable traders to find the best performing cryptocurrency.

There are also sub-channels dedicated to discussing new crypto events that will help traders buy and sell their shares.

Join MEGA Pump – the cryptocurrency investment group on Discord

10. Cryptex Commonwealth If you are an investor looking for a long-term project, then you will find this Discord server pleasant. Unlike short-term trading groups, Cryptex holds a variety of rich discussions, focusing on long-term investments.

Join Cryptex Commonwealth on Discord

Why should you care?

As the crypto market expands and more and more people join the industry, finding a useful community may be the key to helping more people gain a foothold and grow in the crypto ecosystem.

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