Tommy Shepard, Wizards general manager, overturns rumors of Bill’s trade request

Wizards General Manager Tommy Shepard Trading rumors about Bradley Beal’s career future in Washington ended on Wednesday, confirming that neither Bill nor his agent made a transaction request.

“For me, everything else, outside noise, is just noise,” Shepard Say. “I only know that whenever I pick up the phone, we will have a conversation, and I give he renew [about] What are we thinking. “

Shepard Say he Go to Las Vegas to watch Bill play against Argentina and Australia at the American Basketball Show. He added that they had a good conversation about the upcoming season, including the new hires of Wes Unseld Jr.

When looking for works to be added to free agents, Shepard Say that Bill and Russell Westbrook are some free agents who want to play with them.

“There are a lot of free agents who like to play with Bradley Beal and Russell Westbrook.” Shepard Say. “Our job is to find the most valuable. … to find valuable people who can come in and make a difference. This is one area where we are trying to identify and come up with these names.”

In the NBA Draft on Thursday night, the Wizards were in an interesting position with the 15th overall pick.

They can choose a player that takes a year to enter the rotation, or they can choose a player that takes several years to develop. This is a luxury they didn’t have when they ranked 9th last year. Shepard Say.

“If you choose 1-25 or 1-30, I think you will see a lot of older players included in that group, which is not normal,” Shepard Say. “I think COVID will definitely predict this because people can go back to college. It feels deeper…because they haven’t grown old this year.”

Shepard Said that because the Wizards have expanded their analysis department in the past two years, it is easier to plan for potential draft picks. During this time, they chose Rui Hachimura and Deni Avdija. But with the COVID-19 pandemic this year, he said they must become more creative in how to evaluate players who have played fewer games this year.

“You really have to do your homework on EYBL, American basketball trials and similar things,” Shepard Say. “There is more information available, but what is certain is that in the past season, the sample size of where you turn around is very small, so you really have to have a good sense of predicting a player in two years, three years Position after the year.”

Regardless of who the Wizards choose on Thursday night, the team hopes to add athletic players to the roster.

“We just want to be more athletic and more comprehensive. I think whether through drafts, trades or free agents, there are opportunities to do this,” Shepard Say.

Shepard Note that the new coach Wes Unseld Jr. is on the same page with the players they want to fill their roster in the upcoming season. He added that they are not specifically looking for a defensive expert, but players who can be guided to defend.

“If you can’t tolerate taking shortcuts, if you require a certain level of participation on the defensive end, it will become smoother,” Shepard Say.

he Added that Unseld did this as an assistant coach in Denver last season, leading them to the league’s top ten defensive teams.

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