Tom Wilson ‘pretty serious’ knee injury, ‘it will take a while’ to return

capital winger Tom Wilson sunday said he Knee injury ‘pretty serious’ in Washington’s first-round series against Florida Panthers, tells reporters it will be ‘a while’ before he Ice can be refilled.

Wilson Only played three classes before he Injured in the first game and missed the next five games.The 28-year-old called the injury a “weird, weird thing” and said it happened in he Trying to avoid a collision with MacKenzie Weegar in Florida. WilsonSpent a career year in the regular season and left the game shortly after he Scored Washington’s first goal of the playoffs.

was asked if he damaged his access control list, Wilson Declined to specify. he Indicates that the team’s medical staff are still trying to determine whether he Surgery is required.

“I need to talk to the doctor,” Wilson said. “We’ve obviously talked a lot, but the focus is on the team. We’re digesting it all now.”

In the series, the capital is listed Wilson As “everyday” – the possibility of keeping open, at least publicly, Wilson Expected to return in the playoffs. Wilson Even ice cubes alone before games 5 and 6.But general manager Brian McClellan said on Sunday Wilson Even if Washington continues to play, it won’t be able to return to the playoffs.

if Wilson Surgery was indeed needed and McClellan expressed optimism that the winger will be available before the start of next season.

However, the injury was a disappointing end WilsonHe scored a career-high 24 goals last season. he Add another 28 assists — also a career best — to finish with 52 points, tops the list his The previous high for 2019-20 was 44.

“My summer is bad right now,” Wilson said. “I’m the type of person and it’s hard to have uncertainty. I try to come back and do my best. Everyone you pass by, every fan, everyone is asking, ‘When are you coming back? We need you’ Come back. That was tough. I wanted to be there. So, you feel like you’re letting people down, and that sucks. But I just played as hard as I could and things like this happened. Terrible. At this time of year , you drive in and you see all the fans, that’s why I play. Those are games. You try to play for your city and be proud of it, it sucks.

“It’s good to have a bit of clarity now. It’s going to be an ordeal for me. I’ve got to start my rehab. As an athlete, it’s always good to have goals and a clear mind, what you need to do, we’re with The doctors got there with others, and we’ll start there.”

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