Tom Holland confirms to play Fred Astaire

When being interviewed for event promotion on the red carpet “Spider-Man: No Way To Go” In London, Holland casually told reporters “Oh, I’m playing Fred Astaire.”
“The script came out about a week ago,” he said In the video posted by the Associated Press On social media. “I haven’t read it yet. They haven’t given it to me yet.”

Holland said that the producer and former head of Sony Pictures Amy Pascal have a script and they have discussed the role.

“She called me earlier. I was taking a shower,” he said. “We have a great FaceTime, but I will play Fred Astaire.”

Pascal told GQ In a recent story about Holland, she hopes that the actor will play the role of a legendary dancer in the upcoming biopic.

She also said that as far as she is concerned, Holland can play “Spider-Man” in a movie she made until he no longer wants it.

“I’ve talked to him about doing it 100 more times,” she said. “I would never make a Spider-Man movie without him. Are you kidding me?”

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