Tom Holland and Zandaya joked about their height difference doing “Spiderman” stunts

In this week’s “Graham Norton Show”, two “Spider-Man: No Way To Go” actors told a story about having to adapt to their height difference when doing stunts, especially in the role of Spider-Man In the scene, the Netherlands should hold MJ (Zendaya) and swing them to the bridge. Zendaya explained in the show that Spider-Man should gently place MJ on the bridge and walk away.

For starters, Zendaya is a few inches taller than Holland. As a result, the progress of the matter was slightly different from the plan.

“Due to our height difference, if we were at the same point-we were attached-I would land before him. My feet obviously landed before him,” she said.

Holland interrupted and said, “I am a superhero. I should look cool,” he said, and Zandaya smiled. “Then she will land… my feet will swing from under me, and then she will grab me.”

The end result, as the two elegantly demonstrated in the show, Zandaya looked more like a superhero than a Dutch, raising his leg when the two landed.

“You actually like it very much,” Zandaya pointed out when talking about the Netherlands. “You would say’Gosh, thank you.'”

In addition to interesting stunts, “Spider-Man: No Way To Go” released on December 17 has become a ticket Website overloaded on Monday, Fans complained that ticketing sites like AMC were backed up. As more and more movies return to theaters, these theaters continue to face challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, and the hype surrounding such a popular superhero may help movie theaters end with a high profile this year.

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