Tokyo’s Covid-19 cases surge to a record, but the Olympics will continue

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The Tokyo Olympics are becoming a disaster that many critics have long predicted, and despite the surge in covid-19 cases, they will continue.On Tuesday, the local government Report There were 2,848 new cases in the city, a record high. Among the infected, 82 were reported to be seriously ill, which is the highest level since May.

The world must have Speed ​​climbing And medals, maybe. Or this thing is too damn too expensive to cancel at this point.

NBC News Report At a press conference on Tuesday, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced that he was not worried because the “flow of people” was decreasing. He said: “First of all, due to vehicle restrictions, telecommuting and other measures, with the cooperation of the public, the flow of people has been decreasing.” “Because the flow of people is decreasing, we are not worried.”

Suck defend Last week’s decision, I think it’s too easy to quit smoking And that “The role of the government is to meet the challenge.” As early as May, 59% of Japanese citizens wanted to cancel the Olympics., Reuters Report Yoshihide Suga said that he never “put the Olympics first” without considering the idea of ​​canceling.During Japan’s record surge in January that triggered a state of emergency, Yoshihide Suga Say He is “determined to host a safe and reliable Tokyo Olympics to prove that mankind will defeat the virus.”

resident, Japanese media, and World leader There have been calls for Suga to cancel the game for a long time, and this issue remained unresolved until the last minute, even last week.This BBC report Just six days ago-two days before the start of the Olympics-if the number of cases surged, the chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee was willing to cancel.He said they “will consider what we should do when it happens [a case surge] appear. “

Despite mandatory isolation and extensive security measures for participants, Tokyo Organizing Committee According to reports, as of July 25, 153 people participating in the Olympics had tested positive, including 19 athletes and team officials.National Broadcasting Corporation Report Today they added two more cases to the total.

The doomed 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed One year, now a multi-billion dollar label is being run for an event It is unlikely to be repaid in full.Wall Street Journal Has been reported Government auditors estimated the cost to exceed US$20 billion, making them the most expensive games ever, while The holder wants Their money is back.

Historically, the Olympic Games has exceeded its budget, causing the city to be heavily in debt and be left behind. Huge and barren facility Need expensive maintenance.Exceed several years, Tokyo demolished the old Olympic Stadium and built a new stadium (partly to accommodate more participants, unfortunately), built an aquatic center, a temporary skate park and a venue of more than 5,000 square feet Village structure exist A peninsula. It plans to re-use all places except the skate park.

According to NBC News, Tokyo Governor Yukio Koike Tell reporter The hospital has insufficient beds, and the city government has ordered them to increase the number of beds.

Closing ceremony is in progress August 8.

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