TJ Ward criticizes WFT coach Ron Rivera for COVID vaccination campaign

Former Broncos safety TJ Ward A warning to the head coach of the Washington football team Ron Rivera Because say he Feeling “very frustrated” at so many WFT players’ refusal to vaccinate against COVID-19-advise Washington coach to retire he Not safe around his team.

Ward Also seriously implies Rivera Responsible his Own cancer diagnosis-this comment has aroused strong opposition on social media. Ward Later deleted the tweet, trying to clarify his Location.

“Just stop the river boat,” Ward Wrote a now-deleted tweet on Twitter, mentioning the longtime coach’s nickname “Riverboat Ron. “”his Health goes beyond COVID. Maybe it’s time to let go. “

“Don’t blame the players for your lifelong health decisions,” he Wrote in another deleted tweet.

Tuesday, Rivera To say that Washington’s vaccination rate is the worst in the league is “very frustrating.” Only 60% of team players got at least one shot. RiveraHe received painful cancer treatment during coaching last season, he revealed heImmune deficiency, told reporters he Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, masks have often been worn around players in a team environment.

Rivera Be diagnosed with cancer his The lymph nodes were swollen last summer and were cleared in January.

Ward No apology his Comment, although posted he “No offense” Rivera.

“To solve this problem again,” Ward Tweet“I didn’t try to be insensitive to anyone [affected] By cancer. I know you did not choose to get cancer. I tried to clarify this. If you understand me and my profession, you will know what my support for cancer patients is. “

Ward From 2010 to 2017, he played in the NFL for eight seasons and entered the Pro Bowl twice.

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