Time Travel Skit Sci-Fi Movie: Tethers

A black-haired woman stared straight ahead, and a man bent down to talk to her.

A time traveler thought about what she was going to do.
Screenshot: dust

After ten years of preparation, Anna (Abigail Williams) finally ready return to the past Warn loved ones of the imminent danger. But what is the price of her bold journey?AsShort film Tether Explore, sometimes on foot Fall into a paradox It is the only way a person can walk.

this Time travel technology no show on Tether,This is First share with dustOn the contrary, we just saw Anna “poof” and suddenly she passed.But it applies to this simple, heart-felt story It’s more about the characters making connections, rather than any device that makes their meeting possible.

The ending is a bit ambiguous-Not sure about Rachel (Alicia Kelly) Decided to do all critical The message that suddenly fell on her lap, and whether Anna was desperate The complaint influenced her choice. But this implies that maybe things have not developed as Anna hoped. what do you think?

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