Tim Thibaud “likes” coaching, but focuses on charity work

Tim Thibaud Last week, when he received a text message from a friend congratulating him on becoming the head coach of Florida, he was visiting Auburn Sports Director Allen Green and other members of the ESPN SEC Nation team.

“I was like:’What do you mean? Congratulations on the new show. What’s wrong?'” Tibo Speak on AP Pro Football Podcast.

The chaos began when the current NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III stated that the Gators should hire Tebow to replace Dan Mullen, who was fired on November 21.

“He thought it was like a deal or something,” Tibo Said his friend. “I thought,’Oh, no.’ I think it’s great, RG3 thinks I am cool. He is such a good person, we have been together for so many years. But it is very interesting, he did let a lot of people contact me within a few days .”

Griffin suggested that Florida should hire one of its most popular alumni.

Griffin told the Associated Press: “I think people must be aware of how different coaching and recruitment of these children are in this era of transfer portals. If you want to make a sensation, you have to look at different areas. “

“So it may not be that way Tim Thibaud Is the crocodile’s answer, and heWill come in and reverse the plan.but what he What will do is heWill bring excitement to the show, recruits will want to come to play he. And now, they are trying to compete with Nick Saban, Kimball Fisher and Kirby Smart for recruitment. Those guys didn’t slow down, did they?

“So this is the thinking process behind pursuing someone like this Tim Thibaud And said:’Well, we will surround you with excellent employees. We need you to be an motivator and leader to make these people a part of the Florida Gator franchise and tradition again. And this, for me, is worth it. “

Griffin also mentioned that the University of Notre Dame defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman and the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver coach Ixilliard should be considered for this job.

Tibo Led Florida to two national championships and won the 2007 Heisman Trophy. he Said he Considered coaching at some point, but he Don’t want to spend time away his charity work.

“I have thought about it, there must be passion behind this,” Tibo Said. “I think the most difficult thing for me is that there are too many things that I love very much. The first is everything we do at TTF (Tim Tebow Foundation). Now we are in 67 countries and we are building more We are building more special needs orphanages and villages, and saving girls from human trafficking. And, I’m passionate about it. I’m happy to coach and support, build a culture and love student athletes, but I think It’s hard. I know that if I do, I’ll go all out, and it’s really hard to do other things that I’m also passionate about.”

Tibo with his Since 2013, the foundation has been fighting human trafficking.

“We just believe that this is one of the greatest evils in the world today, not just what happened overseas or in third world countries, or when you opened the movie’Taken’,” Tibo Said.

“It happened in our backyard, it happened in our school, it happened in our community. It’s everywhere. … It will require a large group of people to say:’We no longer sit down on our watches Let this happen or watch this happen or support it to happen.'”

Tibo Trying to return to the NFL as a tense ending his Nearly six years after leaving the game, former Gators coach Urban Meyer and the Jacksonville Jaguars were in this summer. But after a preseason game, his application for comeback was over.

The new partnership with the Heisman Trophy Trust Fund is one of the 34-year-old Tebow’s latest adventures. Campus Legends is created by Tibo, Is working with Heisman Trophy Trust and Heisman athletes to develop their first officially licensed NFT/digital collectibles.

“I am grateful to be a partner among them. I think we can give school student athletes and former student athletes a great opportunity to cooperate with the school and use their names, images and portraits. Like Hayes An opportunity like Mann can really come up with some great NFTs. These NFTs are really exciting and interesting.” Tibo Said.

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