TikTok star was injured and his companion was killed during filming in the cinema

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On Monday, a 19-year-old TikTok star and his friend were shot and killed in a California movie theater. This was a bizarre and bloody incident, and the police had little explanation for this.

The incident happened in a screening Forever purification, The latest installment of the terrifying horror film franchise, was shown at the Regal Cinemas in Corona, a southeastern suburb of Los Angeles.

Anthony Barajas with over 900,000 fans On DouyinNow in a critical situation, his friend, 18-year-old Riley Goodrich, died on the spot from his injuries.

This massacre, called an “unprovoked attack” by the police, was strangely not noticed by the cinema staff. They Say them “No gunshots were heard”, but they stumbled upon the couple when they came in to clean the theater after the movie was over.

Corona police said on Wednesday, They arrested The local 20-year-old Joseph Jimenez believed that he was responsible for the attack. The police said that a search warrant executed at Jiménez’s residence found a gun with a caliber that matched the weapon used in the murder, as well as “additional evidence related to the crime scene”. Jimenez was subsequently charged with murder, attempted murder, and robbery, and was detained in a local detention center on bail of $2 million.

However, the authorities still do not know the specific reasons for the shooting.

“According to the obtained statement, there is no known motive. This appears to be an unprovoked attack,” the police said.

in a Press conference On Wednesday morning, Corona Police Cpl. Tobias Kurubacalis confirmed that Jimenez “acted alone” in the attack, but added: “Before these crimes, there was no information that the suspect had any prior contact with the victim.” He also said that he had no knowledge of Jimenez’s history of violent crime or any criminal record.

What’s more confusing is that Kurumakalis said that the robbery component of this episode seems to be something that “happens”, not the main motive: “There is currently no criminal motive,” he said. “Robbery is part of what happens during a crime.” This is also It is unclear what Jiminez was accused of stealing.

A local reporter summed up the chaos well:

Reporter: It sounds like the two victims just went to the movies that night. The suspect walked up to his own business and shot them at random without knowing the reason.

KOUROUBACALIS: This is the information we have now-completely for no reason, the victim was shot and killed without any prior contact.

So, I just want to say that there are few details.Not very clear how The shooting could have happened without other viewers noticing – because there were at least four other people It is said that Always present during the screening.

“During the actual movie time, apparently no one heard the gunshots,” Employee Kailin Dillon told CBS“I know we do check the safety bag every day. Unfortunately, I am not sure if it has been missed or if it is in the holster on their belt.”

The police stated that Jimenez “owned” a ticket, but it is unclear how he got the ticket-the police could not comment on whether he bought the ticket. Kurubacalis said the security cameras in the cinema were apparently not working at the time of the attack.

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