“Tiger King” participant Jeffrey Lynn Johnson died of apparent suicide at the age of 58

Johnson-a former reptile dealer-was one of the few interviewed in episode 4 of Netflix’s popular 2020 documentary series.

According to the police accident report, shortly after 10pm on September 8, the police were dispatched to Johnson’s home because someone reportedly attempted suicide.

Johnson’s wife Charity told the police that her husband committed suicide in front of her during an argument in their garage. According to reports, their 4-year-old and 5-year-old children were in the house at the time.

According to reports, Johnson still had a pulse at the scene and was taken to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead.

The attorney for Joseph Maldonado, the central character of the play, confirmed that he had talked with Johnson’s widow on the matter.

According to reports, Johnson “has no history of mental health.”

“Tiger King 2” Currently playing on Netflix.

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