Tiffany Hale, “Mickey Mouse Club” and party member, 46 years old

She was 46 years old at the time.

“With the heaviest heartbreak, we share the sad news of the death of our beloved sister Tiffany Talia Hale,” Wrote a post on The Party’s Facebook page. “Earlier this month, her cardiac arrest caused her to be in a coma. After many prayers and the company of her family, our dearest Tiff took one last breath on Christmas morning. She is now resting peacefully. “

This post signed by her “Mickey Mouse Club” co-actors Deedee Magno, Chasen Hampton, Albert Jeunepierre Fields and Damon Pampolina and “the entire Mickey Mouse Club family” demanded privacy in the grief of Hale’s family.

“Tiffini’s mother, Nancy, and sister Tanya have expressed their love to everyone and are very grateful for their support over the years,” the post read.

Hale was one of the original actors of “The New Mickey Mouse Club.” It made its debut on the Disney Channel in 1989 and did not appear in the series until 1991.

Disney drew inspiration from these actors and formed the popular band The Party, which includes Hale, Fields, Hampton, Magno and Damon.

Their singles charts include “In My Dream”, “Summer Vacation” and “This Is Why”.

The party was disbanded in 1993 and then reunified without Hale in 2013.

Hale returned to the “Mickey Mouse Club” in 1994, when the show added the cast of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.

Her former partner and band member Hampton A lengthy tribute to Hale on his Instagram account on Thursday, Wrote “The magic of her is that she never knows how incredible she is.”

“She is humble, she is considerate and kind. She is naughty and funny. An incredible singer, character and drama actor, when the music makes me feel her dancing skills, we are any female pop star Incomparable!” He wrote. “She is an absolutely amazing performer and I am honored to have her in my life.”

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