“Tick, tick… bang!” and “Encanto” comment: Lin-Manuel Miranda did not throw away his movie footage

After his early work “On the Heights” To become a well-received movie (if few people have seen it), Miranda relies on “Tick, Tick…Boom!” The first song by the director of “Encanto”, this is a song based on A Disney animated film dominated by Latino.After another animated film Netflix “in vivo” In addition to composing music, he also produced these works.
Although he was based on a script by Steve Levenson (“Dear Evan Hansen”), Miranda apparently used “tick, tick” as an in-depth personal ode to general musicals, especially Larson, who died tragically on the eve of a record-breaking “rent” at the age of 35.

Subtly extended the source material into the film, which is based on the sensational performance of Andrew Garfield as Larson, and the title refers to his bluff about becoming “the future of musicals.” It is drying up, time is running out, in his eyes, as he is about to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Capturing the creative process in the film also raises a tricky proposition, but Miranda mostly managed to do this while conveying the obvious anxiety that Larson felt, when he changed from a writer who waited for a living to ” A hobby waiter.”

“Rent” echoes from beginning to end are also everywhere, reflecting how Larson finally moved from trying to sell the esoteric concept of the future to writing about themes close to home, including efforts to keep the lights (literally) and the AIDS at the time.

“Tick, tick… bang!” Full of surprises, Garfield got the cloth from Alexandra Ship, Robin de Jesus, Vanessa Hudgens, and legendary composer Stephen Sondheim. Great support from Ledley Whitford.

If Larson took the right advice when deciding to “write what you know,” then Miranda, the director, will also keep this advice in mind.

As for “Encanto”, feeling like an abandoned person is one of the most enduring themes in Disney animation, and this theme becomes more important as these films move in a more progressive direction than Walter’s early days. “Encanto” reflects the recent tradition, in a movie about what makes us special and is once again truly enlivened by Miranda’s musical talent.

Miranda did the same thing “Moana” And “Encanto” also has a lot of similar charms, and there are quite a few plots in “The Incredibles” focusing on a super family. The main starting point, and also an interesting place, is the lack of traditional villains. This sense of absence is mainly overcome by the warmth and energy behind the execution, which effectively attracts the audience to the story.

Disney’s 60th animated feature film is set in a magical town in Colombia to pay tribute to a particularly sober real-world phenomenon, the plight of refugees. But in their loss, the magic made the Madrigal family flourish, and under the supervision of the matriarch Alma (Maria Cecilia Botero), everyone has an extraordinary gift.

Everyone, that is to say, except Mirabell (Stephanie Beatriz (Stephanie Beatriz) of “Nine Point in Brooklyn”), she returned empty-handed at the gift-giving ceremony, still determined to be like her parents and The sisters become part of the family as well.

“With or without gifts, I am as special as my family,” Mirabel told the local children, but she seemed to doubt the authenticity of the incident as much as they did.

Nevertheless, just when one of Mirabell’s cousins ​​came of age and her sister was about to get married, strange things began to happen, and there were signs that the magic of the family began to fade. As a result, Mirabell became the person Cassandra warned of danger. Her grandmother was not interested in hearing this, but only strengthened Mirabell’s feeling that the responsibility of saving everyone fell on her shoulders.

“Zootopia” is directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard and co-directed by Charles Castro Smith. “Encanto” makes up for the lack of traditional conflict with a colorful world full of power and rich music .

“I will never be worthy of you,” the angry Mirabel said once.

Happily, “Encanto” is good enough for families seeking the magic of Disney animation, just like “Tick, Tick… Boom!”. Bring the theater into the family.

“Tick, tick…boom!” premiered on Netflix on November 19. “Encanto” premiered in American theaters on November 24. It is rated PG.

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