Through the first trailer of Spider-Man

Miles Morales fell into the portal of the multiverse.

picture: Sony Animation/Marvel

when Spider-Man: Parallel Universe When it was released three years ago, it broke people’s expectations of live-action movies and animated superhero movies.Follow up to Miles Morales‘After the success of the first film, the big screen debut is always a big deal, and Spider-Man: Through Spider-Man It looks like it will be from the movie and Last year’s exciting game In some interesting ways.

After successfully saving the multiverse and becoming the Spider-Man in his world, When Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld) visited Miles (Shamek Moore), he was relaxing at home and wanted to go out to play.When Miles was grounded, Spider-Man was very no, He couldn’t give up the opportunity to be with friends from another universe, he never thought of seeing him again.

It is understandable that Myers will be as frightened as a pinball dressed up as a pinball for the first time experiencing multiverse travel. But just when he got used to the feeling of traveling through another universe (and in a different animation style suitable for reality), he was attacked by a spider: Miguel O’Hara Spider-Man in 2099 (Oscar Isaac). After appearing at the end of the previous movie, he tried to argue with Miles when they fell from reality to reality, and achieved a very explosive performance here. We know he will not be the only spider hero: Spider woman, Aka Jessica Drew (Isa Ray) is expected to appear at some point in the two-part adventure.

Oh this is another big thing Through the spider poem. This is the first half of a larger story the second part Will arrive in the near future.But first, we must get Traveling through parallel universes (part one), That will be October 7, 2022.

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