Those who crossed the demilitarized zone into the north were former defectors

In Paju, close to the border between South Korea and North Korea, military outposts in the rear of North Korea and in front of South Korea can be seen

Officials said the man who crossed the border from South Korea to North Korea over the weekend is believed to have defected from North Korea.

South Korea’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement on Monday that the authorities believe that those who crossed the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) over the weekend were “North Korean defectors.” According to ReutersThe ministry stated that it is working to verify the facts related to the situation.

According to Reuters, a ministry official later told reporters that the authorities believed that the man who had crossed the demilitarized zone went to South Korea in November 2020. The man is in his 30s.

According to a Reuters report, the official said: “The video shows that his appearance and dress are exactly the same as those who defected from North Korea in 2020.”

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Saturday that one Detected on the east side of the DMZ, Which triggered a search operation. Transit of this nature is illegal in South Korea.

According to Reuters, movement through the demilitarized zone is rare, as most defectors travel through China.

According to Reuters, the official said that investigators were trying to determine whether the North Korean army was trying to escort the man. However, the official currently stated that Seoul does not consider this situation to be espionage.

The suspected defector had previously told investigators that he was a former gymnast and entered South Korea through a barbed wire fence before being captured by the South Korean army. Associated Press The report quoted an anonymous official.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, North Korea’s borders have been closed since the beginning of 2020. Although no cases have been reported, the country is still under strict COVID-19 agreements-many experts doubt it.

According to the Associated Press, since North Korea shot and killed a southern fisheries official floating in the water in September 2020, the two armies have been on high alert. South Korea stated that North Korean troops were told to shoot anyone who illegally crossed the demilitarized zone and argued that such actions are needed to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

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