This is what Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wanted for Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and the founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has embraced the Christmas spirit. On Monday, the founder broadcasted another surprise AMA on YouTube, where he answered questions from the community. As usual, Hoskinson answered some questions from community members about the Cardano project.

What the founder of Cardano wants for Christmas

During this period but, Hoskinson outlined the Christmas gifts he wanted. This is not a list of Christmas gifts that people usually want. Instead, Hoskinson decided to solve an urgent problem in the crypto space, namely the divergence between investors in different projects.

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Cardano is one of the most severely hit projects in FUD recently. The project has been affected by what can be described as abominable comments on social media, especially since its token ADA began to fall for two months. To this end, Hoskinson hopes that everyone in the crypto industry will start getting along.

“One of the things I want for Christmas is for everyone to start getting along in our industry. For me, when people are so close in philosophy and perspective, in some cases, technically, they Being able to be as far apart as people is very unusual for me. It’s extraordinary,” said the founder.

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Promote a better system forward

Hoskinson also talked about a system that has pitted investors against each other for years. He said that the encryption space is where this point is more prominent, because other industries do not see the hatred between each other like the encryption industry.

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“This is not seen in other industries,” Hoskinson said. “In physics, biology, mobile phone manufacturing, or any other field, you can’t see the degree of tribalism, hatred and irony in our industry towards each other.”

The founder went on to explain that as long as people continue to hate each other, there is no way to fight the real enemy, which he believes is a legacy system. He said that the system has suppressed 3 billion people and will continue to do so. The founder also admitted that this is not easy, because there will always be people trying to divide others in the space.

Hoskinson explained that there will be books and podcasts saying things to divide people. Even on social media, most of the acrimony will be leaked out. However, everyone in the industry should take a stand and stop hatred.

“This must stop, and the only way to stop is for us to get a better and fairer system. And the only way we can do this is that we must work together. So we will see in 2022 whether it can be achieved .”

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