This is what Arya Bart did, because she missed Lambir Kapoor

We can guarantee that all your couples will be associated with the “borrowing clothes” tradition that informally exists in every relationship. Girls absolutely love to wear boyfriend’s oversized sweatshirts and T-shirts, and we have to admit that they are also cute.

To keep up with this unknown tradition, Alia Bhatt just shared a few photos on social media, all because she missed her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor so much. Ranbir is currently shooting away with Shraddha Kapoor for Luv Ranjan’s next game. He is a big fan of hats and we have seen how big his collection is. Stole one of his hats with the words “Higher than you think”, and Alia took a selfie with a cute caption, “When you miss him, you steal his stuff. Be sure to take more selfies “We saw her wearing this hat earlier, when someone discovered that Ranbir had worn it on one of his flights.


Aren’t these two of the most confused couples on social media?

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