“This Is Us” stars Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown and other actors are emotional about the final season

Actors from NBC series appear in “today” On Tuesday, the impact of the series and the friendship they have built with each other over the years.

“I once met a woman with a child tied to her chest and she was walking around,” Sterling K. Brown, who played Randall Pearson, said in an interview. “She saw me. Then she said,’I adopted this child because of you.’ She said,’It’s not you, but your character.'”

Mandy Moore [Rebecca Pearson] It means that the success of the show is really due to the efforts of the audience.

“I think we all know what special show the first episode is, but it’s incredible to be part of the show that the audience directly loves — the audience has been with us since the first episode — it’s incredible,” she said.

The creator of the show Dan Fogelman (Dan Fogelman) was interviewed Entertainment Weekly There are many questions that will be answered this season and in the end.

“Rebecca’s storyline and her illness did affect all of this. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease for the family, not just for the people who suffer from it,” he Say. “This is a family where childhood and adulthood are defined by each other. So I think Rebecca’s illness will make them the focus of the spotlight.”

The sixth season of the show premiered on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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