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Nutrition: simplify nutrition

Simplified Nutrition is exactly what it sounds like: nutrition becomes simple.Get rid of the noise of dieting and over-aggressive exercise Kim Lyons, Former IFBB fitness player and personal trainer of NBC’s biggest loser. Lyon’s more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry led her to create this 6-week no-gimmick nutrition plan for those who want to break the diet cycle and build a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

The 6-week, easy-to-understand plan combines the basic elements of fitness and proper nutrition without any gimmicks and fashions. If you have similar experience, you will work one-on-one with a celebrity nutrition coach.

With Simplified Nutrition, you can not only get rid of the guilt of food, you can also learn how to use whole food nutrition to rebuild the relationship with food, stabilize blood sugar to reduce appetite, improve hormone balance and repair slow metabolism, becoming a “fat burner” Instead of “fat storage”, and develop science-based tools to help you achieve your goals faster. No more dieting, no more popular, just learn the basics Kim has used for years to stay healthy and strong throughout the year.

To help you get the tools you need for long-term success, this detailed 6-week plan includes more than 20 video modules, a 150-page guide, 10 downloadable resource guides, an interactive workbook, and a habit tracker And a weekly plan.

There are more than ten videos featuring exercises, meal plans, and recipes. You will also get an exercise library with more than 300 exercises and explanations, 20 exercise videos modified for each level, and even for your joints Easy exercise and a weekly exercise plan keep you organized and consistent.

If you have been working hard for years to improve your health, please be your best self in the next six weeks. You can, it’s easy!

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