This is a Shiatsu hand massager suitable for gamers

Many of us know that at least one of us will play games for several hours in a row, and perhaps weary their hands in the process.In order to soothe their tired gloves, the Japanese company Bahut Created a hand massager for gamers.

This MSG-01H-BK hand massagerBoth left and right hands can be used, each finger has a 15-layer airbag, and the palm has a finger pressure plate. There are two main options: one is to focus on the acupressure mode of the whole hand, and the other is to focus on stretching the fingers.


There are some intensity settings, and an optional hand warmer that is said to improve blood circulation. You need to slide your hand to the side to massage your thumb. The hand massager turns off automatically after 10 minutes. Bauhutte recommends using the device to warm your hands before playing games, using the device during breaks, and then calm down.

Although some people may sneer at the hand massager of game players, this is not an absurd idea.Many e-sports players Use a hand warmer Absorb water between the two rounds, keep fingers warm and improve blood circulation.E-sports organizations Hire a masseur Keep players in their best condition.

Other companies have made Hand massager, Although it makes sense for Bauhutte to market its version to gamers.It caught people’s attention last year Game bed, And the company sells a wide range of furniture and accessories, centered on gamers, such as Portable foot massager.

Bauhutte’s hand massager is currently only available in Japan, priced at approximately US$150.As Kotaku Note that the company has an English website, so it may also provide the device elsewhere.

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