This is a goalkeeper: Caleb Drexel won the Olympic gold medal with his own strength

Tokyo (Associated Press)—— Single Vera Ceno threw his The gold medal went from the relay victory of the Tokyo Olympics to the teammates in the stands.

heKeep his the second.

Drexel On Thursday, Australia’s defending champion Kyle Chalmers won the 100m freestyle championship with a thrilling performance and won his first Olympic individual gold medal.

“I started to find my own rhythm,” he said. “It’s time, to be honest.”

He returned in the evening and set the Olympic record of 100 butterfly preliminaries in 50.39 seconds.

After winning the 4×100 free relay on day 2, Drexel Watching his The American teammates have been on the podium many times.

“I was chewing,” he Say. “I also want to do my part.”

heWill get multiple opportunities in the last three days SwimThe 24-year-old Florida native will participate in the 50 free, 100 fly, 4×100 medley relay and mixed 4×100 medley relay Olympic debut.

In all, Drexel He may leave Tokyo with six medals, which is two fewer than Michael Phelps’ historic eight gold medals in 2008. When he would rather “shut up and swim,” as he said before the Olympics.

“The pressure is good,” he said. “When you turn it into stress, it becomes a problem.”

Drexel is always looking for negative factors in his performance very quickly, he discovered this in the preliminary rounds of the 100-man free competition.

“My first swim was very difficult,” he said. “I am turning stress into stress.”

A few minutes before the 100 free finals, in the preparation room off the deck of the Tokyo Aquatic Center, Drexel Staring at the Olympic rings on the wall. heexist his The second Summer Olympics, and also the first time Phelps retired five years ago, left a vacancy that Drexel quickly filled and became the most dominant male swimmer in the world.

He won two relay gold medals at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. At the 2017 World Championships, Drexel Won 7 gold medals, two years later, 6 gold medals and 2 silver medals.

All that is missing is a personal Olympic gold medal.

he Go out and get it at 100 for free. his The winning time of 47.02 seconds-the fourth fastest ever-is only six-sixths ahead of the silver medalist Chalmers.

Drexel Sit on the lane rope and use two food to indicate number 1, his Glancing at the almost empty 15,000-seat arena, his The cheers of teammates in the stands were loudest.

“I really want to seize the moment and enjoy it,” he Say. “I don’t want to go beyond any moment, because I’m used to it. I don’t want to be immune to the feeling that the car gives me.”

On the podium, Drexel Wearing a headscarf belongs to his The tutor in the late high school his Left wrist.This is the last remnant he The math teacher Claire McCool passed away in December 2017. He wore the same bandanna to the medal he won at the 2019 World Congress.

Drexel First conversation his In a TV interview after the game, his wife Megan and his parents watched the game in Florida. In addition to exchanging text messages with them occasionally, Drexel Has been eclipsed on social media, and maintained his own form for most of the nine days of the game.

“I’m kind of lonely, kind of weird,” he Say. “I cry a lot, I am an emotional person. I can’t call them every night and use this energy. It must be invested Swim. “

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