These wireless earbuds promise 360 ​​hours of battery life

The picture of the article titled A Monstrous Charging Case provides 360 hours of battery life for these wireless earbuds

As components become smaller and more energy-efficient, the battery life of wireless earbuds is slowly increasing year by year.However, if you plan to travel to the wilderness for a few weeks without an electrical outlet, grab these Hypersonic 360 wireless earbuds This guarantees an impressive 360-hour battery life and requires an equally large pocket.

Although charging cases are a Band-Aid solution for the limited battery life of wireless earbuds, they also happen to have another useful purpose: to protect the small investment you put into your pocket or throw into the bag, so that the next time you reach out to get yours When the flower buds, they will not disappear.

Other hardware techniques have also been used to further extend the battery life of the wireless earbuds, including the use of An additional set of replaceable magnetic batteries This is basically twice the runtime, but Hypersonic 360 takes a completely different approach to achieve the most impressive battery life we ​​have seen so far. A charging case that can be easily put in your pocket? Forget about it.

Hypersonic 360’s charging case is actually a portable magnetic charger that fully supports Apple’s MagSafe function, so if you have an iPhone, you can attach it to the back of your device and charge it at the same time. The company did not specify the mAh capacity of the battery, but promised that it can charge a depleted smartphone to 50% of its capacity in about 25 minutes, or keep a pair of wireless earbuds embedded in the bottom for 360 hours. This is enough to keep them running for more than two weeks, or assuming you only listen to one hour of music or podcasts a day, they can run for almost a whole year.

Starting at $139, we don’t think they will be the best wireless earbuds available, but they do include an “ultra-defined spatial engine” that attempts to reproduce the spatial audio features that Apple has recently promoted. The earplugs also provide iPX6 sweat and water resistance. They can be played for an hour with just 5 minutes of charging, but by using four sets of included silicone earplugs to form a tight seal in the ear canal, any noise reduction advantage can be passively achieved.

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