The worst influencer and celebrity NFT cash grab of 2021

The huge growth in the field of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in 2021 is a double-edged sword. Although it may have changed the wealth of countless investors and artists, it has also spawned a shocking trend in which popular figures pounced on this technology and turned JPEG into a rapid profit.

Here we will look at four influencers and celebrities who allegedly threw Quality and practicality In a year plagued by a global pandemic, labor shortages, unstable financial conditions and supply chain shortages, they did not withdraw funds from the pockets of supporters.

Logan Paul

For any crypto enthusiast who doesn’t know Logan Paul, he is a controversial YouTube “content creator” with more than 23 million subscribers. His audience is mainly composed of young and vulnerable people, and he is happy to sell goods to them.

Paul’s NFT project “CryptoZoo” was launched around September last year, and its feature is that egg NFT can be hatched into hybrid animals, which come from a combination of two easy-to-search Adobe stock images.

Paul claims that he spent more than $1 million to launch “CryptoZoo”, which is described in NFT market OpenSea describes itself as “an addictive game that provides real-life value”, although it is not yet clear what this means.

At the time of writing, the reserve price of NFT sit At a considerable amount of 0.15 Ether (Ethereum) Or US$573. However, this figure is 62% lower than the historical high in November.

Paul has been an avid crypto supporter throughout 2021, and a major promoter (and Allegedly The crypto token behind the co-founder) is called “Dink Doink”. The token is now 97.6% lower than the issue price, and the current 24-hour trading volume is about $15.

Jack Paul

Good things come in pairs, and Logan’s split brother Jake also caused a sensation when he was milking the well-known NFT cash cow in 2021.

The young Paul’s career is slightly different from his brother’s because he transitioned from YouTube to boxing retired UFC fighters, who are known for their lack of boxing ability.

According to reports, Paul is one of the founders of the “Stick Dix” NFT project launched in November. The project features artwork depicting hand-drawn stick figures with enlarged penis. The roadmap for the project outlines that it will invest $300,000 in influencer marketing and give up exciting things, such as the “Stick Dix” clothing line.

Unsurprisingly, the reserve price of the NFT project has not performed well recently. OpenSea shows that it has fallen by about 98% since it hit a short all-time high in November, at the time of writing at 0.002 ETH (7 USD).

Tekashi 6ix9ine

According to reports, the popular rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine or Daniel Hernandez has distanced himself from the NFT project he promoted, which some investors described as a “huge scam” last month.

According to a Report From Rolling Stone Magazine. On December 17, “Trollz Collection” contains 9,669 Tekashi 6ix9ine-style incarnations. A Discord moderator of the project was apparently a rogue in an attack on the group of robots and was suspended after sending fraudulent fake coin links. User’s funds.

In response to the hacker attack, the “Trollz Collection” team decided to stop allowing further coinage and limit the project to 4,797 NFTs. Tekashi 6ix9ine also deleted his social media posts about the project and changed his NFT online profile picture to a different photo.

An investor who concealed his surname for privacy reasons, Jacob, told the publication that he spent $40,000 on the project due to the project’s relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine and its roadmap, which promised to launch a blockchain game , Governance rights and charitable donations.

Jacob claims that none of these things have surfaced, and reports about the crypto game scheduled to launch in November last year have turned cold.

“It turned out to be a huge scam,” Jacob said.

John Wall

The team behind NBA superstar John Wall’s NFT project Found myself in hot water In September, the NFT community discovered that the art depicted in his NFT appeared to be stolen from the online game Fortnite.

The “Baby Ballers” series includes 4,000 NFTs and features unique cartoon baby basketball players. Since then, the artwork has been changed to feature original artwork. However, in its formation stage, the background image of the NFT looks exactly the same as the screenshots of Fortnite, while others claim that these babies are largely from DreamWorks Boss baby Franchise.

“Celebrities like John Wall NFT show that these celebrities think they can profit from the community,” Say Twitter user Fxnction added, “Celebrities really think they can enter an industry they know nothing about, never interact with the community, and then initiate a scam project that they will give up in three months?”

The team behind the project attempted damage control at the time; however, its Twitter page appeared to have been deleted, and the site was closed at the time of writing. Users on Twitter also Report They have already appeared on the Discord channel of the project.

OpenSea’s reserve price also paints a grim picture, falling 99% to 0.001 ETH or $3.