The Water World sequel series may be streamed

Kevin Costner played the role of a sailor on the set of

Streaming media series based on water World Currently under development.
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It may eventually take 30 years-but water World Finally it can get the sequel it desperately wants. Collider According to reports, a streaming TV show The infamous 1995 Kevin Costner movie Now in production, this will continue to tell the story 20 years after the end of the film. 10 Cloverfield Lane and boys Director Dan Trachtenberg According to reports, attached directly.

“We are not 100% sure about the method of performance. But what is certain is that we are now in the construction phase,” said John Fox, who worked with John Davis on the series. Davis produced the original film directed by Kevin Reynolds, which cost 180 million US dollars in 1995-the most expensive film ever-but the domestic box office revenue was only 80 million Dollar.

The show is being aired on Universal Television, and it is reported that there will be a streaming broadcast soon, although Fox and Davis have not confirmed which one. Apart from Trachtenberg, no one else was involved, but things are ongoing. “Dan’s attachment, we are breaking this story now, and we are talking to several different writers. I think we should lock in one writer in the next few weeks,” Fox said.

water World It tells the story of the melting of the polar ice cap in the future and the entire earth being covered by water. The protagonist is “Sailor”, a half fish and half man (played by Costner) who reluctantly collaborates with a woman and a child (Jenny Triphorn and Tina Majorino) because of the child There may be a map that will allow her to dry up on her land-a map that everyone on earth wants.Although the movie was a bomb when it was released, it still maintains a certain cult status, partly because it has existed for a long time. Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park, And largely because of how ambitious and beautiful this movie is, even if there are some Very problematic element.

This version of the story will keep that movie in Canon before picking up the story. “We will make a streaming version of that movie, a sequel to this movie,” Davis said. “Twenty years later. Twenty years later, all these people.” Now, whether this means we see Costner again as a sailor seems questionable. At the end of the film, the heroes found the dry land and the sailors returned to the water. However, a cameo may be good. That is, if the show goes beyond the ground.

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