The United States will work with allies to restrict the export of surveillance tools to authoritarian governments

on the same day Reuters Regarding the question of how NSO spyware might be used to target State Department officials, the Biden administration announced that the United States will cooperate with other countries to restrict the export of surveillance software and other technologies to authoritarian governments.Involved in , White House officials said that the government hopes to coordinate with allies on codes of conduct related to export licensing policies. Those involved in this work will share information about the tools used to deal with dissidents, journalists and foreign government officials.

The Biden administration will be in the coming The event is scheduled to take place from December 9th to 10th and lasts for two days. At that time, governments and the private sector will hold meetings to discuss some of the challenges facing democracies in 2021 and beyond. It is worth noting that China and Russia were not invited to the meeting.

Official told Journal This effort is partly in response to the increase in the use of digital surveillance tools worldwide. “The government abuses technology for surveillance, and in some cases – for example [People’s Republic of China] -Control their population,” a government official told the media. This work can include some existing members , An agreement that establishes voluntary export controls for military and dual-use technologies.

The initiative will build on the work already done by the US government to restrict the export and resale of cyber-intrusion software to China and Russia. At the end of October, the Ministry of Commerce Announced a new set of rules This will require companies that want to sell their hacking tools to countries with “national security concerns” to obtain permission from the department before doing so.

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