“The United States is already mining” Bitcoin… “Maybe,” said the CEO of Compass Mining

Does the CEO of Compass Mining know what we don’t? Is the United States mining bitcoin? Whit Gibbs is the guest in the most recent episode of Anthony Pompliano’s “Best Business Show”. He spilled the beans… or is he? The host cleverly concealed his question, talking about other countries following in the footsteps of El Salvador and starting to mine Bitcoin. He also mentioned that Venezuela and other countries that are not friendly to the United States have already done so. Then he asked bluntly, what does their country need to start mining?

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“The United States is already mining,” Gibbs replied. Then use “maybe” to ease the blow. If true, it is huge. And the impact is even greater. “They might run 10 or 20 watts of power somewhere in the Midwest to test it. Maybe. This is hypothetical. But it’s about national security.” Is that hypothesis? Or did the CEO of Compass Mining provide us with internal information? This is what we will try to figure out.

But first, this is the video:

What does Compass Mining CEO know?

Well, first of all, he knows that Bitcoin is the hardest asset ever to create. “Speaking of mining, when you talk about what Bitcoin is, whether it is a store of value or a medium of exchange. It is the financial tool of the future, and many things will be built on it. Countries must fully If you lose your mind, you won’t be exposed to the underlying infrastructure that supports it.”

Therefore, it is safe to say that the CEO of Compass Mining is bullish on Bitcoin. But why do we think he might know things that the rest of the world does not know? Gibbs continued, “So, I think the United States is in a leading position. We have a lot of dialogue with the Washington, DC and state governments to help educate them, but in supporting this, they are very farsighted.”

So, does the CEO of Compass Mining know something we don’t? Is the United States already mining Bitcoin?

Gibbs added that El Salvador is showing the way for countries that are not at the forefront and has historically been hurt by the current system. They now know that early exposure to Bitcoin can have a huge impact and “get them there.”

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Other countries that are already mining Bitcoin

Story time with pomp and Gibbs. The host feels that the guest knows something and tries to get it from him. Pompliano shared a story with him: He knew that between 2012 and 2013, a federal law enforcement agency was mining Bitcoin. The reason is that they could not get approval to buy bitcoins on exchanges to fund the budget for black/undercover operations. Therefore, they fill out the paper to get a computer and start mining. The bitcoin they got is untraceable and has no history. They use it to run operations.

Then, it was Gibbs’s turn. “So, this is how you get into trouble,” the CEO of Compass Mining replied. He skillfully shifted his attention from the United States to other countries. According to Gibbs, a North African country that is a hot spot in the United States is entering Bitcoin mining. This happened at the presidential level.

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In addition, he lives in Latvia. A very close neighbor in Latvia, “probably stopped a plane not long ago to expel a journalist”, is already using nuclear energy to mine bitcoin. The CEO of Compass Mining concluded his wonderful speech by saying: “I don’t believe they mine Bitcoin to avoid sanctions. I believe they are mining Bitcoin because they see it as the future and they want to promote economic development. They want to grow.”

You read it here first, Bitcoin is the future, and many world leaders know this.

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