The United States breaks its silence and condemns reports of Iranian security forces shooting and killing demonstrators

The U.S. State Department on Wednesday condemned the use of violence to suppress ongoing protests Iran,break in Biden AdministrationThe uprising against the Tehran government that broke out in many cities across the country this week has continued to expand, and we remain silent about this.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said in a statement: “The Iranian people have the right to express their dissatisfaction and hold their government accountable, but we have seen disturbing reports that the security forces are protesting. The attackers shot, causing many deaths.” “We condemn the use of violence against peaceful protesters.”

The statement came in multiple news reports that security forces fired at protesters who staged a demonstration last week due to severe water shortages in southwestern Khuzestan.

Human Rights Watch issued a statement on July 22, stating that there were reports that three protesters were killed and claiming that “the Iranian authorities appear to be using excessive force against the demonstrators in the southwest. Iran The protest was unable to obtain water. “

The Iranian authorities vehemently denied these reports, but an umbrella group composed of Iranian dissident groups in exile accused the protests of being more widespread and violent than the regime acknowledged.

National Resistance Council IranCiting domestic sources, protests broke out in the capital and dozens of Iranian cities. At least 12 demonstrators were killed by the police and dozens of people were arrested in Khuzestan and other places.

The US State Department did not specifically accuse the Iranian regime of shooting at the demonstrators on Wednesday. But Mr. Price said that US officials “urge the Iranian government to allow its citizens to exercise their rights to freedom of speech and free access to information, including through the Internet.”

Protest at Iran The water shortage that began in Khuzestan province-due to drought and what critics say is official mismanagement-has now spread to many cities including Tehran, Karaj and Tabriz.

The Associated Press reported that on Monday, dozens of Iranians marched on a main street in Tehran. The news agency cited an online video of the demonstration, showing protesters marching along Jomhuri Islami Avenue or the Persian “Islamic Republic Avenue” and called on the police to support them.

The demonstrators later dispersed peacefully. Recently, the number of security forces in Tehran has been higher than usual.

The Iranian regime’s semi-official French news agency later reported on the demonstrations, but blamed it on a power outage in a nearby shopping mall.

Price issued a statement on Wednesday that “the Iranian people are now not only concerned about their unmet needs, but also their unfulfilled desire to respect human rights-the rights that individuals all over the world are entitled to.”

Developments follow Biden Administration Seek “indirect” dialogue Iran Regarding the restoration of the 2015 nuclear agreement that former President Donald Trump denied in 2018. Iran The United States is required to abandon the severe economic sanctions Trump re-imposed when he withdrew from the agreement.

Months of negotiations for this restoration have not yet resulted in a deal, even for President Lauder Liner Ebrahim Resi, which is due to the inauguration of the President of Tehran next week. IranSupreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called Washington “stubborn” on Wednesday because it tried to raise the issue of Tehran’s missiles and regional influence in negotiations with other parties to the nuclear agreement.

• This story is based in part on the cable service report.

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