The United Nations warns of Myanmar’s “severe” coronavirus situation | Coronavirus pandemic news

The United Kingdom told the UN Security Council that in the next two weeks, half of Myanmar’s population may be infected with COVID-19.

The United Kingdom has warned the UN Security Council that in the next two weeks, half of Myanmar’s 54 million people who have suffered a coup may be infected with COVID-19.

Since the military dismissed the democratically elected government led by Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1, Myanmar has been in chaos, triggering widespread protests and fighting between the army and the newly formed militia.

The United States, Britain and other countries imposed sanctions on coups and generals who suppressed democratic protests. Hundreds of them were killed.This The huge business of the army also been Targeted.

Barbara Woodward, the British ambassador to the United Nations, said in an informal discussion of Myanmar at the Security Council: “The coup has led to an almost complete collapse of the healthcare system, and healthcare workers have been attacked and arrested.”

“The virus is spreading in the population, indeed very fast. It is estimated that in the next two weeks, half of the population in Myanmar may be infected with COVID,” she said.

The United Kingdom urges the Security Council to ensure that Resolution 2565 is respected in Myanmar, which requires a ceasefire in conflict areas to allow the safe delivery of coronavirus vaccines.

“It is vital that we consider how to implement [it],” Woodward said.

Myanmar state media reported on Wednesday that the military is seeking international assistance to contain the coronavirus.

According to Ministry of Health data quoted by official media, infection cases in Southeast Asian countries have surged since June, with 4,980 cases and 365 deaths reported on Wednesday. The number of casualties among medical staff and funeral services is much higher.

The United Nations estimates that only 40% of medical facilities in Myanmar are still operational.Many doctors and medical staff join in The civil disobedience movement that began after the coup has become a military target.

“In order to successfully and effectively vaccinate the new crown virus vaccine and provide humanitarian assistance, close supervision by the international community is essential,” said Myanmar’s UN ambassador, Kyaw Meng Tun, speaking on behalf of the democratically elected government, in a Security Council discussion.

In March 2021, volunteers from the Red Cross Society of Longchuan County, China, conduct COVID testing at an isolation center in an area controlled by KIO [File: Yawng Htang/Al Jazeera]

He said: “Therefore, we hope that the United Nations, especially the Security Council, will urgently establish a monitoring mechanism led by the United Nations to ensure effective COVID vaccination and the smooth delivery of humanitarian assistance.”

According to a Reuters tracker, Myanmar has recently received another 2 million doses of Chinese vaccine, but it is believed that only about 3.2% of the population has been vaccinated.

The military government said that a batch of donated Chinese medicinal materials arrived from China last week, but they will be given priority to people living on the border between China and Myanmar.

China also provided more than 10,000 bullets to rebel groups operating near the southern border of Myanmar as Beijing tried to prevent the influx of cases from the country.Some ethnic organizations operating in the border areas of the country Ongoing COVID health measures With the help of China, the national response collapsed after the army seized power.

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