The United Nations says its food aid in Tigray, Ethiopia has run out this week

Nairobi, Kenya (Associated Press)-The head of the United Nations World Food Program said the agency will “run out of food” on Friday in the conflict-affected Tigray region of Ethiopia, where hundreds of thousands of people will face the world. The worst famine crisis. ten years.

David Beasley said on Twitter on Tuesday that about 170 trucks loaded with food and other supplies were “trapped” in the neighbouring Afar area and “must be allowed to move now”, noting that Tigray needs it every day. 100 such trucks. “People are starving.”

The international community has once again increased pressure on the Ethiopian government to allow much-needed food and other supplies to enter Tigray. Since the start of the war between the Ethiopian army and the Tigray army in November last year, aid has not reached some communities.The Associated Press reported that dozens of people Has started to starve to death To death.

Soon after the head of the World Food Program issued a statement, the Ethiopian government blamed the “provocation” of the Tigray forces in the Afar area for the aid delivery problem. The United Nations said that the Afar area was the only remaining road to Tigray. However, the WFP convoy attempting to use the route was attacked on July 18, and insecurity remains a challenge.

The Ethiopian government announced a unilateral ceasefire in June, claiming that it was partly for humanitarian reasons. At the same time, its troops withdrew from Tigray. Tigray forces regained the regional capital and many other areas. The Tigray forces called the ceasefire a “pathological joke” and vowed to ensure the safety of the area and hunt down the “enemy” at the border when needed.

“Our troops are moving in all directions, and no one can stop them, even if it rains,” Tigray Force spokesman Getaqiu Rado said on Twitter on Tuesday.

Since the ceasefire, the Ethiopian government is preparing to relaunch its offensive in Tigray, holding public gatherings and recruitment activities. About 3,000 young people gathered in the capital Addis Ababa on Tuesday to enlist and denounce Tigray’s former ruling party, which once dominated the Ethiopian government but was declared a terrorist organization this year.

“Our recruits will bury the enemy and ensure that Ethiopia’s sovereignty is respected,” Defense Minister Konyaadeta said.

The civilians in Tigray are caught in the middle and are basically cut off from the outside world because the area’s communication links are still interrupted and supplies are insufficient.Thousands of people were killed in the conflict, and even witnesses outside the area said that thousands of people In custody Because of their race.

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