The United Nations postpones action for seats in Myanmar and Afghanistan

United Nations (Associated Press)-The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution on Monday to postpone the demands of the Burmese military government and the Afghan Taliban rulers to act on their seats in their country. United NationsThis decision allows the ambassadors of the dismissed government to continue their work.

The chairman of the assembly, Abdulla Shahid, sounded the gavel and approved the measure by consensus without a vote.

Myanmar’s military ruler seeks to replace the country’s ambassador to Myanmar United Nations, Kyaw Moe Tun, opposed them to remove civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and take over the government on February 1.Tun sits on a seat in Myanmar General Assembly During the review of the resolution by the General Assembly.

The Afghan Taliban rulers challenged the certificate of Ghulam Isaczai, the former Afghan government ambassador led by Ashraf Ghani, who expelled him on August 15. Isakzai sat on the seat in Afghanistan. assembly on Monday.

The resolution was made by Sweden United Nations Ambassador Anna Eneström, Chairman of the Committee General AssemblyThe certificate committee recommended last week United Nations Postpone a decision on the credentials of the two countries. She said that the Committee of Nine did not schedule another meeting, and would not say how long the issue of credentials in Myanmar and Afghanistan will be postponed.

United Nations The diplomat stated that the decision of the Myanmar military government and the Taliban to postpone the request has received widespread support due to the actions of the new rulers of the two countries.

The decision is made by assembly A few hours ago, Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar was convicted of inciting and violating coronavirus restrictions and sentenced to four years in prison, but it was quickly halved. The procedure has been widely criticized internationally, saying it is a further effort made by the military to contain the country’s democratic achievements in recent years.

No country recognizes the Taliban. The Taliban is under tremendous international pressure to expand its all-male Pashtun government and ensure women’s rights to education, employment, and participation in political and social life in Afghanistan.

The approval of the resolution also means that after 26 years of service in Myanmar, he left the army this year and was appointed to the country’s army. United Nations Ambassador, and the choice of the Taliban United Nations Ambassador Mohamed Sohail Shahin, who served as the spokesperson during the Qatar peace talks, will have to wait for an unknown period of time to represent their country at the meeting. United Nations.

Although the resolution of the Credentials Committee was passed by consensus, it subsequently sparked controversy in the comments.

The committee pointed out that the United States only parted ways with the consensus reached by accepting the credentials submitted by the Venezuelan government or its ambassador led by Nicolas Maduro. The United States supports Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Colombia spoke on behalf of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, El Salvador, the United States, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Marshall Islands, Israel, Paraguay, the United Kingdom and South Korea, saying that their support for the resolution “should not be interpreted as” tacit recognition of our country Nicolas Maduro or his designated representative participated in this conference. “

Venezuelan United Nations Ambassador Samuel Moncada thanks assembly Accepting the qualifications of the country’s “only legal government” elected by the people, and once again stated that the “intervention policy” of the United States and its allies in the country has failed.

Credentials Committee members include Sweden, the United States, Russia, China, Bahamas, Bhutan, Chile, Namibia and Sierra Leone.

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