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According to recent statistics, the number of users or unique addresses using the decentralized finance (defi) protocol through Ethereum has exceeded 3 million. The vast majority of these unique addresses use the defi protocol Uniswap, as 2.4 million users have been recorded since December 2018.

More than 3 million unique addresses seen by the Ethereum Defi application

According to statistics Dune analysis, This week, the number of users or unique Ethereum addresses using defi has jumped to the 3 million mark. At the time of writing, data shows that 3,092,000 unique addresses were recorded on July 27. Most of these addresses come from Uniswap, a decentralized exchange (dex) platform.

More than 3 million unique addresses bound to the Ethereum Defi application

Uniswap’s dex currently has approximately 2,438,374 unique addresses that utilize the Uniswap transaction protocol. However, it is worth noting that since a user can have multiple unique addresses, the record may be considered an overestimate. In addition, the data from Dune Analytics’ “Defi Users Over Time” chart only captures a snapshot of the Ethereum-based defi application.

More than 3 million unique addresses bound to the Ethereum Defi application

On Tuesday, the defi loan application Compound had approximately 326,723 addresses, and the liquidity agreement 1inch had approximately 276,924 unique addresses. After Uniswap, Compound and 1inch, there are defi applications such as Sushiswap, Balancer and Kyber, respectively.

The total value locked in jumped $10B, Dex transaction volume increased, and Defi tokens received double-digit gains

Although there has been some price recovery in the cryptocurrency market this week, defi crypto assets have seen significant growth. 7 days ago, total value lock (TVL) recorded in countless defi apps Show TVL is about 55 billion U.S. dollars. The TVL indicator has since increased to the current US$65 billion recorded on July 27.

More than 3 million unique addresses bound to the Ethereum Defi application

Decentralized exchange (dex) statistics show that in the past 24 hours, the transaction volume recorded on the popular dex platform was US$2.33 billion. The 7-day data shows that the global swap transaction volume is 15 billion U.S. dollars, and Uniswap accounts for 64% of the transaction volume.

These statistics only represent the dex platform based on ETH. Uniswap’s trading volume is closely followed by Sushiswap (9.6%), Curve (7.8%) and 0x Native (5.5%).Defi tokens derived from applications such as Uniswap, Sushiswap and Aave are available in BTC’s short squeeze Sunday night.

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