The U.S. reports more than 1 million Covid cases every day worldwide

As the highly contagious variant of Omicron spread rapidly across the country, the United States registered more than 1 million Covid cases in a single day, which shocked officials and dashed hopes of returning to normal in early 2022.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the 1.08 million cases recorded on Monday is the highest daily record since the pandemic began, although this number is biased due to the backlog of testing over the New Year’s holiday weekend.

Even with the backlog, the number of Covid-19 cases reported in the United States has reached a record high for several weeks because Omicron has spread throughout the population. On Monday, the 7-day rolling average number of cases reached a record 469,919 cases. Financial Times Data Tracker, Which is twice the equivalent figure a week ago.

US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that vaccinated Americans should “pay attention to Omicron, but don’t panic”, and pointed out that vaccinated people are “very unlikely” to be “seriously ill” due to the variant.

However, the President added that people who have not been vaccinated have “reason to be shocked” and once again called on adults and eligible children to take advantage of free injections and booster injections.

“In many cases, you will get a serious illness,” he warned people who had not been vaccinated. “Some people will die, unnecessarily.”

Biden also stated that his government will double the order Pfizer’s medicine The treatment of Covid-19 from 10 million doses to 20 million doses “will be delivered in the next few months.”

The President said: “These pills will greatly reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths caused by Covid-19.”

In the past week, case rates in 27 states have more than doubled, and case rates in North Carolina and Louisiana have quadrupled. According to the data tracked by the British Financial Times, the rolling average number of cases per 100,000 people in Washington for 7 days is 2,135, while the number of cases in New Jersey and New York is 1,929 and 1,820 respectively.

The shortage of personnel forced airlines to cancel thousands of flights, and a large number of cases caused severe travel interruptions. It also prompted some employers, including the largest bank on Wall Street, Backtracking Plan to return to the office in January.

The number of hospitalizations and deaths has not yet reached the peak of the early pandemic, although there is always a one to two week lag between infection and the development of serious illness and death.

According to data tracked by the British Financial Times, the 7-day rolling average of the number of deaths related to the new crown virus in the United States on Monday was 1,243, an increase of 28% over the past month, but well below the peak of approximately 3,400 during the surge last winter.

According to federal data, 112,495 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19, of which 20,927 were in the intensive care unit, which is higher than in recent months but lower than the peak during the surge last winter.

Biden said: “Unvaccinated people occupy the wards, emergency rooms and intensive care rooms are crowded with people.” “This is replacing other people who need to enter these hospitals.”

U.S. federal, state, and local officials are still scrambling to adapt to the sharp increase in cases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last month shortened the recommended isolation period for people infected with Covid-19 from 10 days to 5 days, provided they no longer have symptoms.

However, the agency was opposed by health experts for failing to outline its recommendations on whether a person must test negative before ending quarantine.

US surgeon Vivek Murthy said on Tuesday that government health officials will clarify the shorter isolation period and testing requirements this week.

Because of the inability to conduct Covid tests at home and long lines in major cities to obtain testing facilities, Americans are increasingly frustrated during the holidays.

Biden acknowledged this frustration on Tuesday and said that the government is “making improvements,” adding: “As the capacity for face-to-face testing increases, we should see the waiting line shorten and more appointments vacated.”

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