The U.S. men’s volleyball team was eliminated early in the Olympics

Tokyo (Associated Press)-After losing to Argentina in three sets on Sunday night, the U.S. men’s volleyball team was eliminated after a billiards game at the Olympics for the first time since 2000.

The American won two of the first three games in Tokyo, then lost to Brazil and Argentina, fell to fifth place in Group B, and missed eight for the first time since losing all five games in Sydney 21 years ago. powerful.

Five years ago, the United States won the bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro and brought back eight players from that team. It has high hopes for these Olympics.

But the Americans have never been in good shape before the Olympics. In the 8-7 adjustment tournament Italy, And this has not changed in Tokyo. They swept France in the first game and had a good start, but have lost three of the past four games.

Argentina fought back after losing the first two games of the Olympic Games and advanced to third place in Group B with three consecutive victories.

Argentina took advantage of the American’s five turnovers in the last six serve late in the third set to end the game. Mike Kristensen’s serve gave Argentina a match point with 23 points across the net. It ended when Taylor Sander’s block widened.

The United States has been struggling for almost the entire game. Argentina was the better team to serve early and took three aces from Facundo Conte in the opening game to lead 25-21. The Americans entered the day with the worst 83 serve errors in the tournament, made five more in the first set, and were unable to put together any consistent good serve.

The US team scored five points in the second set to lead 21-19, but failed to equalize the score. Bruno Lima’s surge after a long rebound gave Argentina a set point and blocked it in Martin Ramos’s match against TJ DeFalco .

Earlier in the day, the French team forced Brazil to score five sets before losing 20-18 in the fifth game. But by scoring a point in the game, partly due to an epic 39-37 victory in the second set, the French team won a place in the quarter-finals and became the fourth-placed team in Group B.

After the Russian Olympic Organizing Committee swept Tunisia, it led Brazil to win first place.

The other quarter-final position was decided when the host Japan defeated Iran in five sets to get the third place in Group A.

Poland swept Canada in the game, advanced 4-1, and won the quarter-finals against France on Tuesday.

The Canadian is still fourth in the pool and will play against the Russian in the quarterfinals. Italy Swept Tunisia and finished second in Group A.

The matchup between the second and third place teams will be decided by a lottery later.

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