The U.S. blocks companies that help the Chinese military do quantum computing work

The U.S. is taking additional measures to prevent the Chinese military from claiming sovereignty Quantum computing advantagesThe US Department of Commerce has added eight technology manufacturers to its list of entities to prevent them from supporting the Chinese military’s quantum computing work.Officials worry that these entities may help “emerging” American technology Crack encryption, Produces “Unbreakable” encryption And develop anti-stealth or anti-submarine systems.

List Focus on the combination of companies and researchers, including QuantumCTek and Hefei National Laboratory of Microscale Physical Sciences. The United States has also added three subsidiaries of the Chinese company Corad Technology Limited, which has been on the list since 2019, although it is not clear whether quantum computing is involved-it has also been accused of supporting Iran’s military and space programs and North Korea’s “frontline” companies. . “

The broader entity list update includes 27 organizations and personnel, 13 of which are accused in Pakistan of supporting the country’s “unsecured” nuclear or ballistic missile program.

When China may need to develop most of its own technology, it is unlikely to prevent China from using quantum computing in the military. However, the expanded block list may slow down China’s access to US processors and other devices that can accelerate development.Think this is a stumbling block to give the United States a better chance Get or stay ahead.

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