The U.S. Army delays Microsoft’s $22 billion HoloLens deal

American soldiers will not Training with HoloLens headset for a while. Reuters with Center of window According to the report, the U.S. Army has postponed the deployment of HoloLens-based Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) for one year to September 2022. Janice clear The delay was due to the need to postpone operational testing from July this year to May 2022 to “further mature” the mixed reality technology.

Inspector general of the defense department roll out An audit in early October to determine whether Microsoft’s system meets the requirements. It is not clear whether the audit is related to the delay.

This does not mean that the military-oriented HoloLens is in trouble. The Army insists that it is “fully committed” to the nearly $22 billion IVAS contract, and it recently tested it in September. The branch plans to conduct tests “regularly” in the 2022 fiscal year, which ends in September next year.

IVAS is intended as Combat assistants and training toolsInfantrymen will see the position of the squad and other important data on the battlefield, and be equipped with night vision-ideally, they will have the kind of situational awareness previously reserved for video games. In training, headsets can provide data to help coaches improve specific techniques.

The delay will not alleviate criticism of the HoloLens deal Inside MicrosoftFor a long time, employees have been opposed to Microsoft’s direct support of military and “gamification” wars, especially because employees have no opinion on this decision. However, Microsoft is unlikely to change its tone.The company believes that IVAS is a Aid and protection forces Rather than offensive weapons-losing the contract will obviously damage Microsoft’s bottom line and HoloLens’ overall momentum.

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