The touch screen, not the voice assistant, is the window into the world of your smart home: gadgets

I got a smart display from JBL in a big sale at Google last year. Use it and know what I know now before buying, I will definitely pay the full amount of $200, and the purchase of Google Home is $70.

Viewing routes, reading recipes, viewing today’s reminders that I swipe left on my phone, setting up new devices more easily, swiping to view 10-day forecasts, etc., proved to be better. In addition, it is a bedside clock, the alarm clock is the loudest I have ever seen, and the sound quality is great. It’s great to have at least the option to view some additional information.

I do want them to make buttons for commands. Like if I could press a button to turn the light on or off, it would be great, instead of asking to turn the light on or off before I leave. If I forget, it would be great to be able to do this in the car.

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