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NFT Recently it has been booming in India. They are digital art, images, video or audio purchased with cryptocurrency, and use the blockchain system to provide proof of ownership to the buyer. Many people want to invest in it and are looking for a reliable way to buy NFT. We have compiled a list to show you 3 different ways to buy NFT in India.

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3 ways to buy NFT in India

Before we list the ways to buy NFT in India, we want to point out some prerequisites before buying NFT.


  • You need one Ethereum wallet Store your funds. You can use wallets such as Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask, which also store NFT.
  • Gas money (transaction fees) Any Ethereum purchase needs to be verified, so consider gas charges before making any purchases.You can visit this Associate Check current natural gas prices.

Now, let’s go back to the best way to buy NFTs in India. Here are the top three markets where you can invest in NFTs!

1. to open the sea

Outside sea It is an NFT market that hosts various types of Ethereum-based NFTs. You can buy or bid, and you can even create your own NFT and mint it. It has a variety of growing and popular options, which you can browse in a community that is expanding every day.

They have a variety of different NFTs to choose from, such as art, audio, domain names, transaction cards, and other different types of collectibles.

To buy or trade NFT on OpenSea, you need an Ethereum wallet mentioned earlier, such as MetaMask or Coinbase wallet. Overall, OpenSea is a great market, especially for buyers of popular or rare NFTs.

2. Binance NFT

Binance is a well-known cryptocurrency trading platform, but it recently added a NFT marketIt has different categories from very talented creators, as well as NFT Mystery Box, which is the first platform featuring IGO (In-Game Products).

NFT IGO is a purely game-based NFT, which is characterized by early access to games, exclusive in-game items or complete games.

In addition to Ethereum’s NFT, it also has BNB or BUSD-based NFTs. These NFTs are relatively cheaper, and Gas funds are significantly lower than Ethereum. You can even transfer your BNB and BUSD funds from WazirX to Binance. All these choices make Binance an ideal choice for new investors.

3. Wazir X

WazirX is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India. A few months ago they proposed their own NFT platform called WazirX NFT.

The highlight of this market is that it has some great hidden talents from India, and you will find amazing artworks by these Indian artists. If you are just an art lover, then you will definitely invest in these NFTs.

Like other platforms, you can create or mint NFTs, or buy or bid in auctions, but it also provides a certain amount of freedom for its creators by allowing its creators to determine the terms and conditions of sale.

WazirX uses WRX tokens for NFT transactions. The token is based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), it is an alternative to Ethereum, and it is the only currency you can buy NFT on the platform. You can still connect your wallet and transfer funds like MetaMask, and then convert them to WRX.

How to buy NFT

NFTs can be purchased at a fixed price or auctioned. You can bid, and the amount will be deducted and locked in by the market. If you win, you will receive your NFT, or if someone else wins, your amount will be returned to your wallet.

wrap up

This brings our list to an end. All these 3 markets have unique features and provide different things for everyone. We hope that we can help you explore different ways to buy NFT, and you have found some good options to browse and choose your investment.

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