The Titans gave up the 2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson after 3 games

Nashville, Tennessee – Tennessee Titans In a series of lineup changes on Tuesday, he gave up the 2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson after three games.

this Titan Signed running back Dontrell Hilliard from the training team to replace Peterson. They also signed defensive guard Buster Scrim and brought back linebacker John Simon.

They also placed defensive guard Chris Jackson (foot) and wide receiver Marcus Johnson on the injured reserve team. In the loss to the Texans last week, Johnson suffered a right hamstring injury in the first quarter. A week ago he caught 5 passes and completed a season-high 100 yard catch.

With the injury of the 2020 Pro Bowl receiver AJ Brown, the team lost Titan (8-3) Thinning at the wide receiver before visiting New England (7-4) on Sunday.This is why Titan Receivers Golden Tate and Austin Mack, defensive forward Kevin Strong and running back Rodney Smith were signed into the training team.

Defender Khari Blasingame was also allowed to return to the training ground, but he is still in the injury reserve.

Peterson originally signed Titan On November 2nd, the practice team helped replace Derek Henry and was promoted to the active roster two days before the victory over the Rams in Los Angeles. Peterson started two games with 27 rushes for 82 yards and 3.0 yards for each rush and a touchdown.

His longest 16-yard run was against Houston last week.

Hillard played two games for Tennessee State. In the game against Houston, he completed the best game so far, 7 passes for 35 yards and 8 catches for 47 yards.

Earlier this season, Scrine played 152 games in 11 seasons with Cleveland, Jets, Chicago, and most recently San Francisco. He was the fifth round rookie of Chattanooga in 2011.

this Titan Add a bunch of experiences from the native Tate in Nashville. He played 160 games in 11 seasons with Seattle, Detroit, Philadelphia and the Giants. He has 695 catches, 8,278 yard catches and 46 TDs. He has posted three 1,000-yard catch seasons and has averaged 10.1 yards in 111 punt passes.

Mike played 11 games when he started with the New York Giants last season. After losing from Minnesota, Smith played nine games with Carolina in the past two seasons. He set a school record with 5,441 career all-around yards, including 4,122 rushing yards.

Tennessee also released receiver Chris Rowland and defensive winger Niels Scott from the practice team to make room.

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