The testimony of Congressional police weakens the Republican party’s law and order message

Washington (Associated Press)-The Republicans claim to be champions of law and order, which conflicts with the burning testimony of the police themselves.Tuesday’s official describe In vivid personal terms, on January 6, then President Donald Trump inspired the protection of the U.S. Capitol from the horrors of violent insurgents.

Does this have an impact on next year’s election?

Entering mid-2022, the Republican Party is seeking a political advantage to respond to Americans’ concerns about rising crime rates across the country. But at the first hearing of the congressional investigation of the uprising team on Tuesday, police testimony may weaken this effort.

It underscores the Republican Party’s efforts to get rid of the violence unleashed by a mob of Trump supporters that endangered hundreds of military officers.

“You are talking about people who claim to support law enforcement, support the police, support law and order,” said Congressional Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell (Aquilino Gonell). It, in order to make people take responsibility, if you don’t do it, you shirk responsibility, as if nothing happened. “

The hearing will pay more attention to the debate about who is stronger or weaker in crimes that may be unfolded in the election. Republicans eager to criticize the Democratic Party may find themselves facing the question of whether the Republican Party has done enough to support law enforcement when tested.

Scott Jennings, who has served as a Republican strategy for a long time, said it is difficult to see the testimony of officials and does not feel “angry” or “disgust.” He said that he expected crime to become “a big problem in the upcoming mid-term campaign.” “. Although he expected the Democrats to remain on the defensive, he said that the Republican Party’s response to January 6 provided Democrats with an opportunity to “distract them from some real shortcomings.”

“Republicans will definitely attack Democrats for what we call the effort to sabotage the police. Then Democrats will definitely use “Well, when it comes to January 6, you are not that pro-police,” he said. “When When you consider campaign information, it just makes it less clean. “

Republicans are trying to respond effectively to the testimony. The two Republican members of the group, Rep. Adam Kinsinger of Illinois and Liz Cheney of Wyoming, participated in disregard of opposition from party leaders. After Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected his two appointments, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy withdrew from the panel. This decision made it harder for him to influence the narrative of the hearing.

The leading Republicans are finally trying to avoid angering Trump. Trump is still popular among many Republican voters and has become more and more confident in the party’s primary elections.

What does he have to say at the hearing?

In a statement, he said nothing about the supporters’ behavior in the Capitol, nor did he express sympathy to the testimony. Instead, he reiterated his broader accusation that the media ignored criminal activities that “are eroding our cities and our country.”

“The United States needs law and order, not cutting police funding,” Trump said. “We need our police to come back. The United States should and can be safe!”

The Republican Party’s severe crime-fighting strategy can be traced back to the Nixon era for decades. After Trump and other candidates caught some Democratic activists calling for the “dumping of the police” and invested in alternative measures, in many congressional campaigns in 2020 Winning is part of a radical change to resolve systemic racism. The candidate and current President Joe Biden apparently rejected these efforts, instead calling for reforms and additional resources for law enforcement.

The poll found that Americans gave Biden lower scores for dealing with crime than other issues, even though a new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs found that voters decide which party they trust can handle better. There are disagreements on crime. Approximately 32% said Republicans and 30% said Democrats. About one-third of people said that they neither trust nor trust both.

The public opinion survey also found that there were significant differences in the interest of the two parties in investigating events around January 6. 81% of Democrats said it is “extremely” or “very” important to continue investigating the Capitol attack, while only 38% of Republicans said. Only 9% of Democrats said it was not important, and 38% of Republicans said it was not important.

Although most voters have made a decision on what happened, Republican strategist Alex Conant said he expects Tuesday’s testimony to still occupy a prominent place in next year’s Democratic campaign ads.

“It is clear that the Democrats want to campaign before the pandemic, the economy and January 6. The Republicans want to campaign on immigration, inflation and crime,” he said. “Mid-term voters will hear Republicans say that Democrats want to cancel funding for the police, and Democrats will point to January 6. And I think it’s important to swing voters in these larger campaigns, and this will be an important thing. Debate.”

This is a strategy that Democrats are already using, including in the White House where press secretary Jen Psaki accused Republicans of hypocrisy on Monday.

She said: “Many of the Republicans in Congress who most bluntly claim to support the police and law and order are also those who dismissed and played down the shameful incident that day.”

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