The Sudanese military agrees to restore the deposed prime minister

Cairo (AP)-Military and government officials said on Sunday that the Sudanese military and civilian leaders reached an agreement to restore Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, who was deposed in the coup last month. )’S position.

Officials also stated that government officials and politicians arrested since the October 25 coup will be released as part of an agreement between the military and political parties (including the largest Ummah Party).

Officials say Hamdock will lead an independent cabinet of technocrats. They stated that the United Nations, the United States and other parties played a “key role” in formulating the agreement. Before the official announcement, they asked to discuss the transaction anonymously.

More than two years after the popular uprising forced the long-time dictator Omar al-Bashir and his Islamic government to step down, the coup has drawn international criticism. The United States, its allies, and the United Nations condemned the excessive use of force against anti-coup protesters.

Since the military takeover, Sudanese have been taking to the streets, which upended the country’s fragile transition to democracy. A few days ago, the doctor said that at least 15 people were killed by live ammunition during the anti-coup demonstration. The agreement was reached a few days ago.

The military has strengthened its control over power and appointed a new sovereign committee managed by the military. The committee is chaired by the coup leader General Abdul-Fattah Burhan.

Officials said the sovereign committee will meet later on Sunday and then announce the deal.

A national initiative formed after the coup, including political parties and public figures, stated in a statement that Hamdock will be reinstated and a cabinet of technocrats will be formed. It said the agreement will be signed with the political declaration later on Sunday. It did not elaborate.

Mohmmed Youssef al-Mustafa, a spokesperson for the Sudan Professionals Association, said that an agreement has been reached, but the SPA will comment after the official announcement.

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