The success of a season of long-time college football rivals may depend on a game

Being an Army football fan is a bit like living in a time capsule.

The home game kicked off at Michie Stadium at noon. The Black Knight will launch a groundbreaking offense in 1970. They have no alliance relationship, no matter what happens throughout the season, success or failure will depend on the outcome of the match against the Navy.

“It’s exactly the same as in 1972,” said West Point graduate Mark Beach, the son of a West Point graduate and the author of “When Saturday is Most Important: The Last Golden Season of Army Football.”

In the past three years, both on and off the court, the development of college football has entered a stage of rapid development. What was once a regional sport has become a national sport. Powerful projects are almost all integrated in various meetings, usually with little consideration of geography or tradition.

The big debate used to be, “Who is number one?” Now it is, “Eight teams playoffs or twelve teams?”

“For me, the regular season is all about college football,” Beech said. “The competition is a showcase for the regular season.”

In many ways, the match is the purest form of college football. Regardless of the situation, there are games with built-in bets. But what was-should be-a competitive game of destination now feels like another step on the road to a bigger goal.

According to a new survey of writers and sports commentators conducted by the Associated Press, take the two best games of college football as an example.

On Saturday, the third-ranked Alabama will face Auburn in the Iron Bowl, and the second-ranked Ohio State University will visit the sixth-ranked Michigan in the 117th tournament.

Even if he loses, Crimson Tide will still play against the number one Georgia State on the following Saturday to compete for the Southeastern League championship title and have the opportunity to participate in the college football playoffs.

The winner of Buckeyes-Wolverines will enter the top ten championships. Also win, you can enter the playoffs.

Of course, there will be a lot of competitive games on Thanksgiving weekend, in addition to bragging rights, only moderate bets. Despite this, the fact that this is now called Competition Week makes the whole thing feel less natural.

Does modern college football diminish the importance of matchmaking?

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit is the former Buckeyes quarterback, he doesn’t think so.

“USC-UCLA is a good example,” he said. “You may be older because that game has been ignored, but those teams played together, and there are still people who think back when that game decided everything.”

Herbstreit’s son Zak is an entourage of Ohio State University and is very familiar with the competition between Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. Nonetheless, Kirk Herbstreit said that his son is only now realizing this intensity.

“He texted me last night, it was Sunday night, and his text was:’Man, do I have a new understanding of this competition,'” he said.

Many more things are happening, from conference reorganization and playoffs to the hot transfer portal, and newly discovered college athletes who can make money based on their reputation.

“All of this is there, I think it depends on whether the coaches still make these competitions special,” Herbstreet said.

For the past fifteen years, Ohio State has dominated Michigan State, winning 15 of 16 games and the past eight games. Buckeyes, like Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, and other projects, operate every year in anticipation of national championships or bankruptcy.

Is beating Michigan that important to Ohio State University fans? Or is it really important to defeat Michigan’s spoils?

Herbstreit said: “I just think that if you take your competitors for granted and quickly get a reminder as to why this is happening, you are almost at a loss.”

This brings us back to the Associated Press’s best college football against the third-ranked Army-Navy.

There was a time when, in the era of granular newsreel, army and navy games could determine the national championship, those days are gone.

but it does not matter.

Although the importance of other competitive games rises and falls with the fate of the programs played in them-remember Miami-Florida State University is more important than the Iron Bowl? -The army and the navy are a constant.

The remaining game in college football still truly defines each team’s season.

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