The Star Wars Hunter game had a weird time in the galaxy

10/10 Need to make a derivative Disney+ show for them.
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Star wars‘The current era of norms-the series is larger than ever, and covers movies, TV, books, comics, and video games, but also everything Simply must Align And have an impact on the rest of its broader universe-forming a strange combination.This means that we have gone from a side role in a series of novels to Big deal exist Mandalorian, About this: how do you logically navigate a story Star wars Arena shooter?

Because what is that Star Wars: Hunter Yes, previously announced Nintendo Switch and mobile device gameslazyar, foneImprovisation on the currently popular way of hI am sOwl type-games and the like Appraisal, Overwatch, Paladin, What else is not.Not surprisingly, in Current expansion Lucasfilm’s game ideas, Star wars Popular creative skins are happening in the modern game field. Star wars The game has always the same, From the climax of simulation games, such as Tie fighter To iconic Knights of the Old Republic, To more modern games such as front Series and Jedi: Fallen Order. Judging from the new game trailer released hunter Today is no exception.

Although it mainly focuses on rough ideas hunter Will be in its four games Compared Four Arena fighting games-making the team seem to be not just fighting each other, but also pushing payloads and defending goals-also introduces the loose personality and quirky cast of the game Star wars figure. There is our favorite Utooni mentioned earlier, which is actually two Jawas stacked on top of each other. There is a Sith assistant named Rieve, and a robot is programmed to think that he is a Jedi, literally J-3DI. Whether it’s bounty hunters and smugglers, or agents of the New Republic and remnants of the empire, considering that we are living in an era where “everything is canon”, a lot of things have happened here. Star wars, Make the square of the circle difficult.

This is crazy, this is close behind Return of the Jedi, As the rebel coalition ended its civil war and reformed into a new republic, a galaxy recovered from the conflict on an unfathomable scale. Somewhere, a group of mercenaries led hordes of onlookers to a fatal Arena fighting sports events, somehow there are agents involved in the big galaxy faction. If Disney hhotel Can get comic series, Why isn’t Ugnaught riding droideka?

But maybe the crux of the problem is This idea is a bit stupid in scope Star wars As the behemoth now. For a long time, people are eager to seek value from the normative position, which has a negative impact on the audience’s perception of storytelling. Star wars Otherwise, but given that this is the push that Disney and Lucasfilm have been insisting on for most of the past decade, people naturally want to find some kind of answer to make something that looks dumb and interesting as hunter Suitable for the side Newest Higher Republic books or Next Star wars TV show. Maybe the answer is that we should turn the page Outside hunter Book and lighten the burden-it doesn’t matter Rey, Finn, Rose and Poe Sitting next to the same universe with two Javanese in trench coats.Maybe we should review Star wars‘The old extended universe seeks inspiration and says that all these stories and ideas fit loosely with each other, but some things can become weird and confusing. You can get what you want from these stories from a certain angle instead of Try to make everything strictly embedded in the structure of a huge universe.

Maybe it’s just that stacked Jawas are cool. Who can say? Maybe Star Wars: Hunters can when it releases on Switch and mobile platforms in 2022.

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