The Star Wars History of the Arrested Cruiser

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From what we’ve seen so far, Arrestor is firmly a part of Age of Empires Rise Revenge of the Sith and new Hopeexist soloThe opening of the Empire – about seven years after the founding of the Empire – and continued at least until the andorra Season 1, five years before the Battle of Yavin new HopeWe haven’t seen one beyond that timeframe, though its specialization as a crippling ship sets it apart from other Imperial capital ships.

However, there may be a reason for this – we know that eventually the Empire deploys a different type of support cruiser to intercept fleeing ships, and it may even be because the Luthen like to fly into andorra Episode 11 proves that tractor beams alone won’t stop ships from fleeing Imperial captors.Chronologically, one year after the events andorra an episode of the first season rebels‘second season, “Stealth Strike”we are introduced to blockerClass cruisers, a new class of Imperial ships, are able to use gravity well projectors embedded in their hulls to pull ships out and prevent them from re-entering hyperspace.

Perhaps it was put into service to replace the arrester? We’re not sure, but now that the ship has had time to shine, don’t be surprised if we see it appear again soon.

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