The star of Cobra Kai in season 4, Danny and Johnny’s tight team

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From all angles, Netflix Cobra Kay It sounds great, if it’s a completely crazy performance.Follow-up Karate Kid Franchise Abandoned the fourth season on New Year’s Eve and continued the adventures of Daniel Laruso (Ralph Massio), Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and their martial arts students.After seeing the return of John Chris and Cobra Kay dojo after the end of last season, Daniel and Johnny decided that the only way was to bring down the old villain. Is to team up And train their students together.

However, as with all teamwork, the path from enemy to ally can be very bumpy.Speaking of Entertainment Weekly For the spoilers for the fourth season, Macchio and Zabka talked about their relationship this season. Both Danny and Johnny agree that Kreese and Cobra Kai must leave, but how It is their biggest source of conflict. Both actors think it is important that their roles clash in their martial arts methods: Danny’s defensive Miyakodo style and Johnny’s aggressive eagle-tooth style. Zabka especially believes that if there is no conflict in the first place, it would be “dishonest”: “They all came with luggage, so of course there will be landmines.”

The luggage may be partly attributed to their respective children. Danny learns that his son Anthony (Griffin Santo Pietro) is a bully, and his daughter Sam (Mary Mercer) has been learning Eagle Tooth from Johnny. According to Macchio, both are bitter pills, but Sam’s acceptance of his opponent’s teachings may be the greatest. He thinks that Danny is “a caring parent, if not a perfect parent”, and seeing Johnny effectively replace him as a father has brewed some resentment. But Johnny also had similar feelings for Danny. He taught Miyagi Tao to Miguel (Xolo Maridueña). Johnny was a student. Now his biological son, Tanner Buchanan, is taught by Kreese. Love yourself like a son. At this time, the former overbearing president is doing his best not to lose a son, which is manifested in some not-so-good aspects. “He was overkill,” Zabka admitted. “He cherishes Miguel. He is afraid of losing this connection.”

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Despite the problems, the two quickly realized that they needed to exchange styles to see where each other came from.While filming the shot of Johnny polishing on the deck, Zabka realized that “as an evolution of the character, this is so cool… Johnny opened up and saw that there is something to learn from here, which is really important. “He found it was like This is important to himself because he realized that this scene shows that since Miyagi has been Karate Kid II.

However, the peace between the two is short-lived. In Episode 5, two fighters face off to decide whose method they will teach their students. The two read the script excitedly and were surprised to find that the battle would end in a tie. It may be anticlimactic, but the co-host Josh Hild explained how the tie happened. Both Danny and Johnny are very “enthusiastic” about who has better karate, but the philosophy of the show is “exploration” [how] It’s not better, it’s just different. It goes back to the subject over and over again…after their exploration of each other’s karate and their own interpretation of their master’s karate-it can feel unreal. “

During the climax of the Whole Valley Championship, Danny realized that their students could become better fighters by learning more styles. Having said that, he unexpectedly apologized to Johnny, and even gave their partnership a new name “Miyagi Yoshi”. Macchio publicly admitted that he needed to be sold on the spot and hoped it would be cut off, but Heald offered a strong reason to keep it. Now sold, Macchio decided to be loyal to Danny and made it sound weird right now. “It’s almost like it’s hard for me to tell [’Miyagi-Fang’] Speak out loud,” he said, “and then I label it’only for today’. “

As for Zabka? He liked it and thought it was Johnny’s “time of surrender and growth.” “I think he has begun to accept that he is a work in progress… Admitting that you are wrong can be one of the hardest things for a person to do, especially when you are so opinionated.” But now that they have finally become friends , What will happen to these two men? This has to wait until the fifth season.

Cobra Kay Now on Netflix.

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