The smart snowball that produces your own snow: gadgets

From the article: In order to reproduce winter on the earth, Hodgins added a series of stacked thermoelectric coolers, these coolers are a simple device that can be generated between two different materials using the Peltier effect when an electric current is applied Temperature difference. While getting hot and getting cold, by stacking several coolers together, a temperature difference of 60 degrees Celsius is generated, which is enough to make the water vapor on the earth condense and freeze on the aluminum snowman, covered with snow.

Watching aluminum snowmen bloom is a great effect, but using thermoelectric coolers to generate the necessary temperature difference consumes a lot of electricity.Such a clever construction, let us hope that no one tries to put this idea into mass production, because the world does not need another power-hungry festival Chochik The demand on our power grid is constantly increasing.

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