The RPG adventure game Iluvium is boosted by the game guild’s $2 million fundraising

Polemos is a game earning (P2E) game guild focused on NFT games. It raised US$2 million in a round of strategic financing to focus on its open-world role-playing games.

Illuvium is an open world RPG adventure game based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will be launched as a public beta in the first quarter of 2022. Players collect creatures called Illuvials, which are represented as tradable NFTs. Digital characters can be used to fight against other players and complete missions, becoming stronger every time they win a battle.

On November 19, Polemos announced a round of financing led by investment companies Delphi Digital and Framework Ventures. Other participants in this round include DeFi founders from Sushi, Aave, 1inch Exchange, and others.

In order to create a multi-level player network before the launch of Illuvium, Polemos has partnered with online gambling operator Asian Logic. Its users will become the main guild group, and others will come from its Discord community.

Kieran Warwick, co-founder of Illuvium, said:

“Associations like Polemos help players enter the Metaverse by assisting with funding and entry requirements. Meeting the needs of gamers is essential to inspire the large-scale mainstream adoption of crypto games.”

Polemos is developing a GameFi learning management system, a decentralized guild asset exchange, and a player analysis platform for educating, tracking, analyzing and managing players.

The company’s goal is to provide a foundation for players in developing countries to start the game by teaching them game skills or providing them with initial resources such as tokens and game items.

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Earlier this month, the CEO of Electronic Arts (EA) hinted that NFT and games to earn games is the future of the game industry, Although in the early stage of research and development.

In October, Ubisoft’s CEO also expressed Invest in a blockchain-centric gaming company And encourage adoption by becoming a founding member of the blockchain game alliance.

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